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CyberScope: World's first handheld cyber security tool

CyberScope: World's first handheld cyber security tool

CyberScope is unique because it offers comprehensive site security assessment, analysis and reporting from ONE powerful, portable tool. It’s a multi-function instrument that provides fast, actionable insights on-prem in your customers’ site networks, filling the visibility gaps that other toolsets may not address.  The professional network engineers and security specialists we’ve shown it to love it! 

As a rugged, purpose-built security tool, CyberScope replaces the use of separate utilities on fragile laptops or tablets, harnessing Nmap technology in a simplified user interface for complete site assessments – including: 

  • Endpoint and network discovery
  • Wireless security
  • Vulnerability assessment 
  • Segmentation and provisioning validation

Now your customers can have full site-level visibility - either onsite or remotely. With CyberScope, they can quickly identify every wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth/BLE device on their site network, pinpoint precisely where it is connected, and instantly determine if it is friend or foe – without agents, appliances, or ‘big iron’ monitoring systems. That’s site security assessment done the NetAlly way; using the handy, portable CyberScope. 

What makes this cyber security tool so unique?

  • Portable, for complete mobility
    CyberScope is a rugged, hand-held cyber security tool that is truly portable, so you can spot all your network vulnerabilities with a single walk round. It has all-day battery life and gives you complete mobility so you can confidently send the analyzer to another location and control it remotely. Smart hands collaboration allows on-site field engineering services for maintenance and other data centre activities.


  • Purpose built cyber security tool with everything you need
    A dedicated, purpose-built cyber security tool. The CyberScope integrates all the capabilities you need for complete assessment and analysis. That includes RJ45, PoE and SPF sockets – something you won’t find on a laptop. You can add accessories like keyboard/mouse/headset and link them to your computer for easy data transfer. And you can even run standard Android apps.


  • Easy user interface, embedded Nmap network vulnerability scanner
    You get a consistent user interface for all the different tools integrated into the CyberScope, including Nmap. And AutoTest gives you a single-button pass/fail grading for fast, repeatable and fool-proof results. It’s the easy way to have complete visibility of layers 1 through 7.


  • Remote access empowers smart hands
    Most times the expert is not where the problems are. CyberScope provides complete remote access using either VNC or Link-Live Cloud Service. Within moments of the instrument’s arrival an unskilled admin can place the device to allow complete remote operation. Need to train new personal? The bi-lateral remote operation allows you to drive the unit while training staff or looking over their shoulder to ensure understanding.

Looking for a Wi-Fi only solution? Check out the NetAlly Cyberscope Air.

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