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Qualification and maintenance of transmission lines

Qualification and maintenance of transmission lines

As a Service Provider you have to compete in a market where constant pressure exists to maximize revenue through additional service offerings while simultaneously ensuring high customer quality of experience?

As the demand for new services such as a real-time, highly compressed IPTV grow, they stretch the physical capabilities of advanced transmission systems and pairs of copper used in various telecommunications services.

Tests and Analysis
The new advanced communications Tester Aten model ACT6000 is designed for qualification and maintenance of transmission lines and analysis of audio frequency channels. This new portable instrument, combining several types of transmission, can be seen until today the most advanced equipment for qualification and maintenance of advanced transmission systems and pairs of copper. The ACT6000 features of qualification and certification of channels of data communications and pairs of copper (up to 6 MHz and optionally up to 30 MHz), diagnosis of pairs of copper and fault finding. Double USB port for connection to PC and download of files from external USB memory measure.

Main Advantages

  • Attenuation & Frequency response
  • Noise, Level, Distortion & Cross-talk
  • Return-loss & Longitudinal Balance
  • Faults location & Micro-Interruptions
  • Noise immunity & Data-rate estimation

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