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Heynen works for innovators.


The main goal of our Support department is to keep products ands systems, delivered by Heynen, working.

What we do:

  • We answer technical questions from our customers.
  • We provide consultancy.
  • We advise how things can be done differently, better or more efficient or accurate.
  • We monitor the systems of our customers (proactive and reactive).
  • We keep systems up to date.

Who is Heynen

Our expert(s):

Geurt Teunissen Van Manen Geurt Teunissen Van Manen
Please contact Geurt with any questions or business opportunities relating to service and callibration. We love to keep your business accurate and running. Contact form
31 (0)485 55 09 10

Heynen is proud to work for

Heynen is proud to work with