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MTTplus-410+ Fiber Optics Module

MTTplus-410+ Fiber Optics Module

The MTTplus-410+ Fiber Optics test module for the VeEX® MTTplus platform now has up to 500,000 data points with 3 cm resolution. The MTTplus-410+ supports a full range of test functions including OTDR, OPM, Light Source and VFL. GPS coordinates and images can be embedded into the OTDR sor files and PDF test report provided the MTTplus platform is configured with GPS and Camera options. Fiberizer™ software for Windows® Desktop, Android™, and/or Apple® mobile devices is available to assist in data transfer, record management, and report generation for various VeEX fiber optics testers. View the Fiberizer webpage for more details.

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

  • Multimode Wavelength options - 850 & 1300 nm
  • Singlemode Wavelength options - 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 & 1650 nm
  • Filtered 1625 or 1650 nm port for in-service measurements
  • Live fiber detection to avoid service disruption of active subscribers
  • Dynamic range up to 50 dB for long haul fibers and PON splitters
  • Event dead zone < 1 m, Attenuation dead zone < 4 m
  • Optional V-Scout/V-Profile - Intelligent Link Mapping
  • Fixed or Universal optical connectors with UPC or APC interface options

Optical Power Meter (OPM)

  • Optional OPM for LAN, Telco, FTTx and CATV networks
  • Multiple calibrated wavelengths
  • InGaAs detector for standard and high power levels
  • Absolute (dBm, Watts) and Relative (dB) power measurements
  • WaveID detection of incoming wavelength from compatible VeEX light source
  • Industry standard optical adaptors available

Optical Light Source (OLS)

  • Optional OLS function based on OTDR laser fitted
  • Stabilized output for insertion loss testing
  • WaveID/Loop mode to support multi-wavelength testing in a single operation
  • CW or modulation modes for use with fiber identifiers
  • Auto Off feature to conserve battery power

Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

  • Visible laser for patch-panel troubleshooting or localized fault finding
  • CW and 1 Hz operating modes

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