Heynen works for innovators.

Quality and the environment

Heynen works for innovators. We help our clients to select and use new professional electronic inventions and technologies. 
Heynen makes organizations aware of the possibilities that new inventions and technologies offer them. We match these possibilities with the challenges and demands from our clients products and services. This is results in a joint process  of value creating that increases the competitiveness off local markets. 
We strive for continuity and enjoy working  and in our own way at implementing new inventions and technologies at our customers. Our work is never done, things can always be done in a better way and something new will always cross our path. 
Heynen is innovative, reliable and personal. 

Both our Dutch and Belgian operations are ISO9001 certified for more than 15 consecutive years. Currently the ISO9001:2015 version is implemented. 

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Heynen strives to keep its ecological footprint to the minimum. Our activities in this area concentrate on the reduction of CO2 emissions and the circularity of the equipment that we sell. 
For the reduction of CO2 emissions we have reduced the energy consumption of our offices. Amongst other measures we have increased isolation, installed LED lighting and we make use of intelligent heating solutions. Solar panels installed on top of our Dutch office generate 40.750 kWh clean energy per year. We are also making choices in car park that are motivated by CO2 reductions. 

Stichting RTA and Recupel  

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Heynen is a member of RTA and Recupel. Together with these organisations we recycle electronic equipment. Equipment that is not being used anymore is collected by Heynen and then offered to RTA or Recupel who take of the recycling process. 






Heynen is a member of Stibat. We have special container at Heynen where we collect batteries and accumulators for recycling. Periodically the content of these boxes are collected by Stibat who take of the recycling process. 
In addition to the above we have agreed with several of our key customers to additional measures and specific agreements related to care for the environment, such as standards set by Ecovadis. We also participate in targeted circularity activities with our customers. For instance to re-use parts of broken equipment in our repair efforts. 

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