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MTTplus-420 GPON Module

MTTplus-420 GPON Module

The new MTTplus-420 GPON test module for the VeEX® MTTplus platform is designed for service activation at the ONT location. The unit checks optical power levels and non-intrusively decodes the messages exchanged between the OLT and ONT allowing technicians to perform advanced troubleshooting.

Basic Mode

  • Two Port pass-through test mode for measuring downstream and upstream levels
    • Three configurations available:
      • 1310 / 1490nm
      • 1310 / 1490 / 1550nm
      • 1310 / 1490 / 1577nm
  • Simultaneous display and measurement of calibrated PON signals
  • Automatic ODN class detection and power-level pass/fail analysis
  • Rogue ONT detection
  • Low insertion loss : ≤ 1.5 dB typ.
  • User defined Pass/Fail thresholds
  • Automated pass/fail fiber inspection analysis with optional fiberscope
  • Easy Report generation and data transfer
  • Upstream/Downstream LED status indicators for signal, Frame, Err/Alarm and TC Sync

Expert Mode

  • PLOAM advanced ONU information
  • Display OLT TX, PON Type, and Budget
  • Common upstream and downstream Error detection: LOS, BIP, FEC, etc.
  • GPON Wizard for commission report
  • List all active ONT IDs and serial numbers
  • PLOAM decoder and display PLOAM Control messages
  • OMCI decoder and display OMCI messages

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