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CyberScope Air: Wi-Fi Vulnerability Scanner & tester

CyberScope Air: Wi-Fi Vulnerability Scanner & tester

Fast and comprehensive wireless security assessments and testing at the edge

  • Endpoint and Network Discovery
  • Wireless Security Confirmation
  • Rogue AP and Client Location
  • Segmentation & Provisioning Validation
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • AirMapper™ Wireless Site Surveys

Complete visibility. It’s what you need but despite all the resources you have, there are still critical gaps. Today’s dynamic and accessible edge networks, with their proliferation of endpoints (IT/OT/IoT) and increasing Wi-Fi use cases are often beyond the sight of central platforms.

CyberScope Air offers unique and comprehensive network security assessment, analysis and reporting from a single, powerful, portable tool:

  • Easily validates controls at the edge
  • Inventories everything, including all wireless IoT, OT, and unmanaged devices
  • Quickly tests and demonstrates policy compliance
  • Enables collaboration and sharing between teams

As a ruggedized, purpose-built all-in-one tool, CyberScope Air is a network security and testing solution that eliminates the use of fragile laptops and tablets. With multiple functions, it provides fast, actionable insights on-prem into your edge networks, filling the critical visibility gaps that other cybersecurity and testing tools may not address.

Security Assessments Simplified
Security practitioners and network engineers can useCyberScope Air to quickly identify every Wi-Fi and BT/BLE device on your edge network, pinpoint exactly where it is connected, and instantly determine if it is friend or foe.

CyberScope Integrates Nmap
Nmap technology is fully integrated in CyberScope Air with a simplified user interface making scan execution easy for beginners while providing advanced features for experienced users, helping reduce the risk of successful attacks. Nmap endpoint audits can be executed as part of network discovery against every device, as targeted probes using CyberScope Air’s AutoTest, or run as needed with built-in or custom scripts.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi security validation
    Supports Wi-Fi 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz bands, offers numerous advanced cybersecurity capabilities to test for presence and use of wireless attributes (WiFi PMF/Personal/Client Isolation, mDNS/ ZeroConf, and beaconing).
  • Full wireless visibility
    Contains all the wireless testing, troubleshooting, and surveying features present in the AirCheckTM G3 Pro.
  • Wireless discovery with integrated vulnerability scanning
    Quickly inventory WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE infrastructure/IoT/OT/ICS devices, locate rogue assets, scan for vulnerabilities with integrated Nmap technology, and compare against baselines.
  • Integration of Nmap with AutoTest
    Perform automated tests to validate infrastructure hardening including SNMP, HTTPS, SSH, management VLAN, and network segments and scan for vulnerabilities.
  • Automated discovery monitoring
    Generate baselines, upload ongoing snapshots to Link-Live™ for fast detection of new/missing/ transitory or infrastructure device/network changes.
  • Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analytics platform
    Maximize team efficiencies, enhance assessments/audits, improve WiFi cybersecurity posture with the combination of CyberScope and Link-Live.

NOTE: CyberScope is available in three different versions. The full function CE version includes wired Ethernet and wireless (Wi-Fi and BT/BLE) capabilities. Wired only (XRF) and wireless only (AIR) models are also available - specific capabilities depend on the version.

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