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Optical Wavelength Splitter

Optical Wavelength Splitter

he Optical Wavelength Splitter (OWS200) is used to separate the various wavelengths that may be present in a NGPON2 system to measure each specific signal level. A standard optical power meter such as the OPM510 or OPM210 can then be used to measure each signal without the need to purchase a costly DWDM OPM. The optical loss of the OWS200 is typically less than 0.1dB and as a result has marginal influence on the measurements. Currently the OWS200 supports two individual wavelengths but systems with four and eight are also possible. The user selects the model that supports the system wavelengths that they intend to measure, which determines the model of OWS200.

  •         High accuracy to measure specific channel wavelengths 
  •         Eliminates the need for expensive DWDM power meters 
  •         Low loss 
  •         SC/APC connections 
  •         Low return loss will not disrupt network 
  •         Compact design 



OWS201 (UPC 810025413774)

1490nm & 1570nm

OWS202 (UPC 810025413781)

1490nm & 1577nm


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