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WiFi Troubleshooting with full spectrum analyzer

WiFi Troubleshooting with full spectrum analyzer

With countless deployments including residential, private and public Hotspots, managed SMBs and hospitality services, WiFi is both a source of great opportunities and challenges for carriers. Customer expectations are high but they have very limited knowledge of the technologies’ environmental limitations or best practices, leading to numerous service calls.

The WX150 test set is a compact and lightweight addition to the WiFi Air Expert familyfrom our Vendor VeEX. It provides all the tools necessary for WiFi networks discovery, survey, optimization, performance testing and troubleshooting in a compact form factor.

Platform Highlights

  • Supports detection and connection to 802.11a/b/g/n/ac devices
  • Discovers networks and lists Access Points, Clients and Channels in table and graphical format
  • AP detailed capabilities discovery including SSID, BSSID channels, security, supported data rates, signal and noise levels, co-channel and adjacent APs and associated clients
  • Survey coverage problems with signal and noise levels tracking
  • Analyze Channel usage by utilization and number of APs
  • Discover associated and non-associated WiFi clients present in the network
  • One button Auto-test evaluates the health of the WiFi network with analysis of security, coverage, inteference, top talkers and connectivity with configurable AP list
  • Connectivity testing with DHCP connection to APs, Ping, Trace Route and ARPWiz
  • Verify network performance with dual ended V-perf Upload/Download troughput testing
  • Optional Ethernet 10/100/1000-T and 1000-X ports to verufy end-to-end throughput performance
  • Ethernet connectivity and PoE testing
  • Optional dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum analyzer to easily discover and identify WiFi and non-WiFi inteference

Troubleshoot your Network
WiFi Spectrum Analyzer With the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF frequency bands open for unlicensed use, WiFi's frequency bands are available for anyone to use. The 2.4 GHz frequency band is popular and crowded. It is used by many common RF emitting devices including cordless phones, bluetooth, zigbee, baby monitors wireless audio or security systems. All of these devices constitute sources of non-WiFi inteference. They emit frequencies either on a single narrow frequency range like Zigbee, or frequency hopping across the entire spectrum, like bluetooth, or continuously emitting across the entire spectrum, like a microwave oven. These inteferers do not follow WiFi protocol rules, so inteference can start while WiFi devices are in the middle of a transmission and last for an unknown duration. Many highly disruptive and intermittent WiFi performance issues can be traced to non-WiFi inteferers. But unless technicians are armed with a specialized spectrum analyzer, they will be powerless in detecting these inteference sources since traditional WiFi network scanning tools can only discover 802.11 WiFi devices. The Air Expert offers a dedicated spectrum analyzer that displays all RF activity -WiFi AND non-WiFi inteferers- in the 2.4GHz AND 5GHz bands. The spectrum Analyzer view allows technicians to visualize inteference sources overlapping with the AP under test. The WiFi intelligence library can also be used to identify inteference signaturs against a list of known inteferers (s.a. cordless phones, Zigbee, Bluetooth etc)

Automate testing
Auto Test Function The Air Expert Auto Test function provides an automated, reliable and repeatable installation routine. With configurable test profiles for consistency and test results clearly marked with Pass, Fail or Warning status, technicians are provided with an easy-to-use and comprehensive site assesment routine.

Main Advantages
PoE test (also PoE voltage)
IP tools
RJ45 ethernet interface
Remote access
V-Perf troughput testing

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