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Quickly identify your wire with Tempo's 701K tone and trace kit

Quickly identify your wire with Tempo's 701K tone and trace kit

Regardless of the wire you are installing or connecting, in existing installations it can be a struggle to identify the right wire, connector or outlet. For instance to identify with UPT cable in the MCR is connected to the RJ45 outlet 2 floors up or the right wire in a bundle. The 701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing kit is you ideal companion to identify low voltage wiring for telephony, data or security alarm.

In addition to helping identify the correct wire the Tone and Probe Tracing kit will allow you monitor voltage passing through the circuit, to check breaks in the circuit and to trace wires through walls. Simply connect the tone generator to the wire using the RJ connector or tip and trace out the wire.

The probe includes an LED worklight to view behind furniture, inside racks, and other dim lighting conditions. It offers voltage protection up to 150VDC.

Heynen can deliver the 701K-G from stock.

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