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AirCheck G3 v2.5 Release Notes

AirCheck G3 v2.5 Release Notes

April 29, 2024
These AirCheck G3 Release Notes briefly describe the new features and enhancements included in the release.
See software upgrade Instructions at the end of this document

Version 2.5 New Features

Continuous Survey in the AirMapper app

  • The continuous survey method is considered by many to be an easier way of collecting site survey data because less tapping is required by  the user. When performing a continuous survey, the user need only tap when they change walking directions. All sampled data that happened  etween the last click and the current click is then evenly distributed along a straight line between these two click points. To access this new  survey mode, within the AirMapper app settings, go to Survey Mode and select the Auto Sampling option.
    Continuous Survey in the AirMapper app.png
  • For optimal results with continuous survey, the user needs be sure to walk at a consistent pace and should set the Auto Sampling Period to a reasonable value. Large changes in walking speed will cause data to become skewed (and thus inaccurate) in the resulting heatmaps.
    Auto Sampling Period.png
  • Continuous survey lends itself well to long hallways or open environments in which the user will be able to walk their path with little to no interruption.

Problems Filter in the Wi-Fi app

  • Identifying APs, BSSIDs, or Clients for which a problem has been detected is now easier than before. The ability to filter your list of  devices by Problems is now available within the Wi-Fi app.
    Problems Filter in the Wi-Fi app.png

Feature Access Control

  • In addition to a broad set of Wi-Fi test and measurement capabilities, the AirCheck G3 PRO now provides the ability to semi-permanently disable certain features to meet a variety of security needs. The features that can be disabled include:
    • USB Access
    • Web Browser App (Chromium)
    • Telnet/SHH App (JuiceSSH)
    • VNC Remote Control
    • Management Wi-Fi Radio
    • Bluetooth Radio
    • Packet Capture App
    • Discovery App
    • Link-Live Access
    • App Store
  • The Feature Access option is accessible from the left-side navigation drawer in any of the NetAlly apps. After selecting the option, the screen will show which features are enabled or disabled.
    Feature Access option.png
  • For more details on how to semi-permanently disable certain features refer to the AirCheck G3 Feature Access Control section of the user guide.

Other changes in version 2.5:

  • Expanded 6GHz Channel Support in Taiwan – This release adds support for channels on the 6GHz lower UNII-5 band for AIRCHECK-G3E-PRO models in Taiwan.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Link Notification – The Wi-Fi linked notification on the Android tool bar now shows more information about the Wi-Fi network the test radio is connected to.
    • Channel
    • Channel Width
    • Signal Strength
    • Connection Rate
    • Number of Roams
    • SSID
    • IP Address
      Enhanced Wi-Fi Link Notification.png
  • IPv6 Test Targets – This release adds support for IPv6 test targets in the AutoTest app.
  • Android Phone Hotspot – Want to test your phones Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity? Now you can! You will now be able to connect to an Android phones Wi-Fi hotspot while running an AutoTest.
  • Faster System Updates – Installing system updates on your AirCheck G3 is now faster than before!

Upgrading to Version 2.5
If you have claimed your unit to, we highly recommend
following the Over the Air (OTA) Firmware Update procedure:

  1. To check for available software updates at any time, open the Link-Live App from the Home screen.
  2. In the Link-Live App, touch the menu icon or swipe right to open the leftside Navigation Drawer.
    link live.png
  3. Touch Software Update. The Software Update screen opens and displays the version number of any available updates.
  4. Touch Download + Install to update the System.
  5. When finished, the unit will restart.


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