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The must-sees at Ibc 2022

The must-sees at Ibc 2022

IBC is na 2 jaar terug van weggeweest. Vrijdag 9 september gaat de IBC weer van start. Het belooft weer een interessante editie te gaan worden, waarbij veel van onze leveranciers wederom mooie nieuwe ontwikkelingen zullen tonen. 

Met onderstaand overzicht helpen we je graag een voorselectie te maken, zodat je zeker weet dat je aan het einde van de dag de belangrijkste ontwikkelingen en innovaties gezien hebt!

Vanzelfsprekend is ook het Heynen team weer present. Ben je zelf ook aanwezig, dan kijken we ernaar uit om je te ontmoeten voor een persoonlijk gesprek. Als je niet kunt komen horen we graag of we voor jou ergens naar kunnen kijken.


Stand 7.C30

LiveU is excited to be back, and this year the cloud takes center stage. LiveU will be showcasing their end-to-end live video and remote production (REMI) solutions, powered by the LiveU cloud video platform.

If you want to discuss your specific production needs, book a 1:1 meeting with one of our experts at Heynen and get a first-hand look at our latest innovations, boosting efficiencies in live contribution, production, orchestration, ingest and distribution.

Visit us to learn about our end-to-end cloud-based solutions and services to enhance the video production workflow – from live contribution and management to orchestration, ingest and distribution – delivering increased efficiency, viewer engagement, and revenue growth. 
Unlock the potential of live video with LiveU native 5G solutions, including the LU800 and LU300S. 
New additions to the 5G portfolio will be announced in the run-up to the show 


Calreccalrec logo.png
Stand 8.B57

Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of broadcast audio mixing consoles and equipment, relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters.
From Premiership football and the Superbowl to ‘X Factor’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’, if it’s live, there is a good chance it is mixed on a Calrec.
Over the last 50 years, Calrec has shaped how people listen to television and radio and has earned a reputation for innovation, build quality, reliability, and audio performance.
Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of AoIP and IP infrastructures, and its work with third-party integration, means Calrec is at the epicentre of changing broadcast requirements.

Celerwaycelerway logo.jpg

Stand 1.A16

Celerway's innovative connectivity solution combines multiple connections and delivers uninterrupted and secure connectivity with unrivalled performance.
Proven by broadcast and media professionals, the Celerway GO is fast becoming an indispensable part of the field journalist's toolkit. From covering international sporting events to reporting from rural areas with unstable connectivity, the battery-powered, dual-modem GO has let field journalists work like they were in the office.
Celerway's multi-WAN routers have redefined connectivity in the modern era: delivering professional-grade, portable, resilient, and secure connectivity wherever an organization's workforce takes them.

Stand 8.B50

Paneda will show the enhanced versions of DAB solutions

  • DAB Break-In system for road tunnels
  • Latest Paneda DAB multiplexer version
  • Paneda 3ch Hardware Encoder
  • Paneda Warning system receivers
  • Paneda DAB repeater

In addition, Paneda will highlight the Arqiva DAB-project and the way it has been designed, 
This will result in several new features that are currently under development.


Densitron advanced display control managementdensitron-technologies-ltd.png
Stand 8.C90

This year’s IBC marks the first trade event presentation of IDS Cloud – the latest-generation software for the display and control system Intelligent Display System (IDS) – from HMI specialists Densitron. Marking a major evolution of the IDS platform, IDS Cloud is able to run on-premise or on a private or public cloud, allowing the same studio environment to be controlled and managed instantly and seamlessly – to or from anywhere, at any time.

Stand 2.A49

From The Beatles recording Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band at EMI/Abbey Road Studios on a Studer tape deck, to Studer digital mixing consoles in the control rooms at the world's most prestigious and modern broadcast facilities. Studer has been an iconic audio brand for more than 70 years. As a market leader and industry innovator, Studer is building upon its unmatched reputation by applying decades of sound and audio greatness to an evolving broadcast and video streaming marketplace. Studer's feature-rich user interfaces and technologies are part of Evertz' live production solution for comprehensive audio mixing that offers intuitive and simple control of any workflows. The micro and Vista series provides a solution for a wide range of applications from home-based production to large production and event facilities.


MediaExcel [HEVC, 4K en HDR]MediaExcel.png
Stand 5.C67 


  • (NEW) Live Demo: HERO M - Small form factor, low price, 4K live encoder 
  • (NEW) Live 8K encoding and transcoding with multiscreen outputs
  • (NEW) Live AV1 Encoding
  • (NEW) Production-ready Ultra Low Latency OTT encoding (below 1 sec. end-to-end)
  • (NEW) CMAF based delivery in HLS and DASH, with AVC and HEVC hybrid payload up to 8K/UHD
  • (NEW) Multi-camera synchronization for frame-perfect alignment 
  • In and out-of-band ad signaling, injection and targeted Server Side Ad Insertion. Supports analog cue-tone to SCTE-35 conversion.
  • Packet loss free contribution/ingest for on-prem to cloud and remote site delivery with native Pro-MPEG FEC, and SRT
  • Unified Field, Datacenter, Virtual and Cloud form factors
  • Versatile Live and VoD transcoding workflows within a single platform and firmware
  • Industry-leading video quality, experienced by over 400m viewers worldwide
  • Proven uptime with 1+1, N+M and service-level failover
  • Support for Broadcast, OTT, DRM, ad signaling, captioning, playout and auto clipping


TredessTredess logo.png

Strand 8D57

Tredess is a leading company in professional telecommunications solutions, specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of competitive, reliable and innovative AIR COOLED UHF & VHF Transmitters & Gap Fillers for Digital Terrestrial TV and DAB+ broadcasting networks. With more than 20.000 devices on field in more than 50 countries, TRedess counts with a broad range of broadcasting solutions from 5KW to 1W. The latest Asymmetrical Doherty amplifiers in medium and high power devices, makes TRedess transmitters an unbeatable efficient solution. The improved Echo Canceller, makes TRedess gapfillers the most advantage solution for coverage extension at SFN networks. TRedess also couts with a robust fully redundant multiband and multiconstellation GNSS clock (MGNSS), and ideal solution when a stable reference is needed.



Stand 8D56

Gsertel began its journey in 2001 as part of the Televes Corporation, whom for more than 50 years has been the undisputed world leader in the radio and television signal reception and distribution market. Gsertel was born with the key objective of designing and manufacturing professional measuring equipment that would surpass existing technologies. Our portfolio includes field meters, monitoring equipment and so on. The high engineering capability of the company, which allows to introduce leading technology features, design and construction quality based on user requirements as well as the realization of the entire manufacturing process within the premises of the Televes Corporation, is the reason why 10,000 users in over 30 countries rely on the equipment developed by Gsertel to perform their tasks.
System Monitoring & Control > Broadcast system control SW and HW
Test & Measurement > Tes and measurement equipment and software, DVBT, DVBC, FM, DAB+ test tools


Q-Bitqbit logo.png
Stand 8.F49

New Q9X-R DVB Audio Satellite Receiver
Qbit’s Q9X-R is a professional 16-channel DVB audio satellite receiver designed for radio distribution and monitoring applications.

New Q9X-D Audio Decoder
The Q9X-D IP Audio Decoder enables you to decode up to 16 digital stereo channels (or 8 analog ones). It is possible to decode elementary streams as well as DVB compliant transport streams

New Q9X-E Audio Encoder
The Q9X-E IP Audio Encoder features MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding
(MPEG-4 AAC) and MPEG-1 Layer 2 encoding capabilities. All of the common bit rates and sample rates are offered to enhance the IP delivery of Audio.

Stand 8.F89

Ferncast is a company for software-based audio streaming, broadcasting and recording solutions which combines expertise and experience in audio transmission and audio streaming technologies for radio and broadcasting industries. They develop innovative software solutions for any live audio applications with an eye towards installable software solutions and cloud-based services on servers and other platforms. They are dedicating their research and development resources to continuously develop and improve aixtream – a software solution for various real-time audio applications.

We are exhibiting at IBC2022 in hall 8 to present our new product class the Audio Codec Servers (ACS) which comprises 48 new products designed for up to eight audio application fields: STL, OTT, SIP, AOD, DVB, LOUDNESS, DAB, TRANSCODING.
Each of the new ACS is powered by aixtream COMPACT software and combines the flexibility and full scalability of server installation with the convenience of traditional hardware boxes. This offers to our customers — from small studios to public broadcasters — a never-before-seen level of customizability for their audio transmission and recording.
Will you be visiting the IBC Show 2022 in Amsterdam? We will be happy to welcome you and your customers to demo our new Audio Codec Servers.

Worldcast Systemsworldcast-systems.png
Stand 8.C58

During the last 10 years, the Ecreso FM range has evolved significantly, with continuous innovations such as the first built-in software-based 5 band sound processor, SmartFM technology that reduces the transmitter energy costs by up to 40%, and many features.
At IBC 2022, WorldCast Systems will announce the new AiO Series.
This compact FM transmitter range is the result of leading industry technologies, rock solid design and Ecreso expertise to offer the lowest TCO on the market for Radio stations & Broadcasters. 
With many on-board features, the new AiO series is the perfect fit to install on existing broadcast network but also to deploy new IP based broadcast infrastructures.
For more information about this advanced broadcasting solution.
Stand 1.C99

Artel Video Systems, a world-class provider of innovative, real-time multimedia delivery solutions, today announced its product highlights for IBC2022 in Amsterdam. On Stand 1C99, the company will feature products that simplify broadcasters’ shift to hybrid IP/SDI and all-IP operations. Visitors can get hands-on demonstrations of the SMART Multimedia Delivery Platform in DigiLink/InfinityLink configurations and the award-winning SMART Multimedia Delivery Platform in openGear® (SMART OG).

“While IP networking opens up a world of possibility for innovative new broadcast workflows, it’s also inherently more complicated than traditional networking. Relying on purpose-built hardware that is not reprogrammable, means broadcasters have the expensive and time-consuming task of swapping out hardware every time they need to change functionality,” said Rafael Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management at Artel Video Systems. “Our modular, software-defined systems counteract that problem. At IBC2022, broadcasters will see how Artel products can greatly increase operational flexibility and reduce effort as they transition to IP and move to optimize their IP-based operations and workflows.”

Throughout the show, Artel will highlight the SMART (DigiLink/InfinityLink and openGear) platform’s JPEG-XS support and flexibility. Attendees will see how they can enable different functionality on the installed hardware system as needed just by selecting different software icons. Artel will show one SMART implementation running J2K compressed video and another (the SMART OG) running JPEG-XS compressed video so that attendees can appreciate SMART’s ability to support different personalities on the same hardware module. Artel’s SMART Media Delivery Platform is a software-defined, four-channel, auto-sensing 3G/HD/SD-SDI-over-IP multifunction gateway with integrated nonblocking Layer 2/3 switching and routing capabilities. The software-enabled solution features four video ports for transporting video, audio, and ancillary data and four GigE data ports bridged to one or two 10G interfaces. Designed to attach seamlessly to the IP network without the need for external network elements, the SMART platform supports SMPTE ST 2022-1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 (hitless switching); J2K compression; QoS; VLAN tagging; and traffic management.

A software-defined, four-channel, auto-sensing SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G/4K-over-IP multifunction gateway, SMART OG is the first to bring the family of JPEG compression engines — including those specified in VSF TR-01, TR-07, and TR-08 — onto the openGear platform. With SMART OG, users can deploy hardware once and easily change the gateway function via a software update. The SMART OG is initially configured for a specific function, but it may be adapted thereafter for a growing array of functions, such as reformatting or encoding per JPEG2000, JPEG-XS, SMPTE ST 2110, SMPTE ST 2022-1/2/5/6/7, H.265, IEEE 1588, and more. The gateway provides four BNCs for SDI or ASI input/output and two 10GbE SFPs for trunking and aggregation.

Stand 8.C75

Building on our expertise in automation technology we focused on applying automation to broadcasting. ENCO’s first digital audio delivery system, DAD, replaced CART systems while innovating with a touch-screen human interface. DAD increased flexibility for broadcasters and enabled trouble-free formats that could run for days without intervention. In 2005 we applied our approach to automatic speech recognition. We have grown enCaption into a significant market solution serving broadcasters of all sizes. enCaption allows broadcasters to reduce operating costs by automating open and closed captioning workflows. enCaption is a turn-key solution available on-premise or in the cloud with, WebDAD. Other innovations in our history include harnessing our DAD platform for playout automation needs of video broadcasting with ClipFire. HotShot instant audio playout system added enterprise-level logging and reporting features, making it an easy choice for the largest of sports broadcast networks, mobile production fleets, and big-league venues the world over.

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