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Ghielmetti Monitor solution GMS 2120 for Mastering

Ghielmetti Monitor solution GMS 2120 for Mastering

High Performance monitor solution for Stereo Studio Mastering. Mastering studio engineers like to compare audio material listening on different speaker systems. 

To do so the engineer like to do an quick check of the speaker set-up by generating an noise signal to the speakers.
With the selector switch our engineer can switch between 3 speaker sets. The required level difference between the speaker-sets can be adjusted separate, so all sets respond as loud.
Now we can drive the audio to the speakers coming from analog domain inputs or digital AES/EBU inputs.
Easy Ghielmetti connectors can also be used to input audio to this monitor system direct from the “Patch panel”.
LEDs showing VU level in a bar. Switches on the rear provide the following scales and modes: DIN, Nordic, BBC, 'Digital' scales; 'Peak, fast mode' shows each sample, 'peak only' shows the peak value in 'hold' mode, 'level only' shows just the level, 'peak and level' shows the level as well as the peak value.
The front panel has two grilles for the inbuilt monitoring speakers.
Ghielmetti monitor solution GMS 2120, an must have for mastering studio.

Main Advantages

  • Quick check of 3 individually select-able outputs to active speakers
  • White and Pink Noise generator
  • Phase and level indicator for 2 channels (L, R)
  • Monitoring router 3x1 for analog and 4x1 for digital inputs
  • 24 Bit AD/DA converter for analog and digital channels
  • Monitor signal simultaneously on analog and digital output available
  • Sample Rates: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz
  • High performance loudspeakers
  • Headphone output with volume and balance control and
  • switchable 40dB pre-amplification for microphone signals
  • RS-485 remote interface to remote control unit

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