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LiveU releases software version 10.0

LiveU releases software version 10.0

On-Site Production

Transmit live feeds from the field directly to your production truck using the LU2000/LU4000 Mobile Receiver for a more cost-effective on-site production solution.

The solution components include:

the solution components include.png

LU2000/LU4000 Mobile Receiver
Supports up to four full HD feeds from the field, fully synchronized.

A cloud service allowing for video transmission to flow seamlessly from the field unit to the server, overcoming network barriers in the field.

LiveU Xtend
Provides cellular connectivity to your server in the field as an alternative to a wired network.


LU800 Additional Enhancements

Multi-camera to Multi channel destination
Enhance production flexibility by efficiently managing multi-camera feed streaming to any available channel.

Lu800 additional enhancements.png


Liveu's patented ip bonding technology.png

LU800 Dual WiFi  
Increased robustness of the data transfer pipeline for live video broadcasting.

  • Increased bandwidth for HQ live video transmissions
  • Increased reliability and availability with extra redundancy backup paths


Multi-camera Ultra Low Latency (ULL) 
Produce faster and more responsive remote multi-cam programs at 0.6 second latency.

multi-camera ultra low latency.png


Force Network Mode  
Force 4G network for 5G modems from LiveU Central.

force network mode.gif

Video Channel Reset  
Reset a specific channel on your LU2000/4000 server from LiveU Central.

video channel reset.gif

Increased Audio Bitrate on LiveU Encoders
Higher audio bitrate (320 kbps per 2 Ch.) for audio channels on LU800/810/ 610S/300S units for higher quality productions.


Audio Connect Echo Cancellation audio connect echo cancellation.png
An echo cancellation algorithm was implemented on the unit side to improve the intercom quality and performance.

Encoding Bitrate
Set transceiver encoding bitrate from LiveU Central.


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