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Calrec Apollo

Calrec Apollo

Calrec Apollo

Over 1000 full channels with no resource sharing!


Apollo provides unsurpassed processing power, with unrivalled resources of up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/Track outputs and 48 auxes.

With single and dual fader options, Apollo can squeeze in more faders into a single footprint that any other console, and its integrated router provides total network flexibility. Apollo’s I/O functions are performed by the Hydra2 network, which uses high capacity 8192² cross-point routers and a variety of I/O units.



  • 12 dual layers of faders.

  • 6 bands fully parametric EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.

  • 2 x compressor / limiters, 1 x expander / gate, and sidechain EQ / filters on each channel, group and main path.

  • 4 independent simultaneous post fader, pre fader or pre EQ track / IFB sends per channel / group path.

  • Comprehensive monitoring and metering. User splits and independent monitoring for multiple operators.

  • Independent DSP operation ensures audio continuity in the event of a PC or control reset

  • Integral 8192 x 8192 router with up to 512 audio channels per Hydra2 port. Fully integrable with any Hydra2 network.

  • Extensive range of Hydra2 I/O available.

  • Copper or fibre connectivity.

  • Highly resilient – all modules are hot-pluggable with automatic redundant PSU, DSP, Control processor, Router module, I/O Expansion module

  • Low power consumption and heat generation.


Technical specs:

  • 100mm faders with mechanical PFL overpress

  • Up to 320 faders

  • Colour-changing rotary knobs to indicate function

  • Touch screens controlling i/o, monitoring and routing

  • 1020 channel processing paths

  • Up to 16 x stereo or 5.1 surround main outputs*

  • Up to 48 x mono, stereo or 5.1 surround audio groups*

  • 96 x multi-track Buses for IFB or recording

  • 4 x track sends per path

  • 48 x auxiliary Buses

  • Up to 4 x Direct Outputs/Mix Minus sends per path

  • Direct outputs can be pre-EQ, pre-fader or post-fader

  • 3 x independent user sections with independent monitoring

  • All channels and groups have 6-band parametric EQ

  • All channels, groups and mains have full dynamics

  • Side Chain EQ/Filters

  • 256 x Inserts

  • Up to 2.73s per Output from a pool of 256 channels

  • Up to 2.73s per Input from a pool of 256 channels

  • All paths have 2.73s delay in addition to in and out delay

  • 12 fader layers, each with its own A and B paths

  • 8 x AutoMixers, each controlling an unlimited number of paths

  • Advanced AutoFader (AFV) functionality on all faders

  • Integral 8192² router

  • 16/32 Router ports

  • All I/O provided over Hydra2 network via a comprehensive range of Hydra2 I/O boxes

  • Cat5e or fibre connectivity

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