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Patch bays 

Ghielmetti patch bays are known as the best worldwide. The unique connecting system stands for excellent high performance technology over life time. 

The Ghielmetti connecting system is basing on self-cleaning, gold-plated double contacts for highly secure operation. The patching systems are all suitable for analog audio, AES/EBU digital audio, RS422 and other data applications, as well as analogue audio. Ultra-compact Ghielmetti G3P connector are safe and easy to handle. 

Ghielmetti video patch bays are available for signals in SD, HD and 3G with bandwidths up to 4 GHz 
Ghielmetti patch bays are available with back-light option for best readability of labels especially in low-light environments. 
Channel Switchers 

Ghielmetti channel switchers allow safe, noiseless change-overs during normal operation or in case of failure. 
Channel Switcher 
The Ghielmetti channel switchers work with signals from DC to 20 MHz with voltages from 0 V to 230 V and can be operated and configured with remote panels. 
Remote Panels 
Remote panels allow easy operation of Change-Over and Channel Switcher units.  

Audio Monitoring

Ghielmetti audio monitoring units allow monitoring of any analog or digital sound signal with integrated monitoring routers and A/D converters. No PC or Software needed. 
Audio Monitoring Systems 
Ghielmetti offers a series of models for different applications, with analog or digital focus for 1RU or 2RU mounting. 
Ghielmetti offers also a solution for the mixing and monitoring of a Dante network. 

  • Supplier's Speciality:
    • Audio and Video Patch Panels
    • Audio Monitoring
    • Compact Intercom Systems

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Website: https://www.ghielmetti.ch/en

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