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Paneda DAB gap filler

Paneda DAB gap filler

Paneda is a leading supplier for DAB Head-ends and DAB break-in solutions for in tunnels.
The majority of DAB+ listeners in Belgium are getting their stream from a Paneda multiplexer that was sold and installed by Heynen Houthalen.

For FM broadcasting, coverage gaps are closed with additional transmitters, which need their individual frequency assigned. This requires careful planning to ensure that incoming and outgoing interference is correctly managed. This is often not economical from the frequency spectrum point of view.
Single Frequency Networks used for DAB and DAB+, called SFNs, however, allow relatively simple filling of areas not well served by the main transmitters. Gaps in the coverage area are served by installing low power on-channel repeaters located inside the coverage area which operate on the same frequency as the rest of the SFN (see Figure below).
Typical under-served areas include zones shadowed by natural or man-made obstructions such as valleys, tunnels and in cities blockages behind tall buildings.
These additional re-transmitters with a typical output power of the order of a few watts are called gap fillers or repeaters. A gap filler is simple to construct and install since it requires relatively small power and can be mounted on a small tower or on the roof of a building. The receiving antenna of the gap-filler should be highly directional with reduced back lobes, while the re-transmitting antenna will generally be tailored to the specific characteristics of the shadowed area. Gap fillers must be located at points in the network where there is sufficient incoming field strength and where the re-transmitting antenna can be directed towards the as yet uncovered area of the SFN.

paneda gap filter.png

The Paneda DAB gap filler solution is competitive in terms of features and especially in pricing. 
This unit was developed by Paneda after multiple requests from Broadcasters that are happy with the multiplexer and that are especially happy with the support from Paneda.
The Paneda repeater comes in 2 versions, one with 0dbm power output, and another with 1W output.
It will handle 2 DAB frequencies at the same time. And it’s in fact a professional selective amplifier that only passes through the frequencies you have defined.
The box comes with only 3 connectors, Antenna IN and antenna OUT and power.
Zero maintenance, passive cooling system, no fans used.

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