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Vista 5 m2 with a unique feature set that is ideal for theatre & live environments

Vista 5 m2 with a unique feature set that is ideal for theatre & live environments

You want your audience to have an unforgettable experience, allow your sound engineers to work efficiently and offer your artists the best facilities and quality. The Vista 5 m2 provides this with a unique feature set that is ideal for your theatre & live venue.

The digital mixer for live, pop and theater
The Vista 5 M2 22-fader console is equipped with Vista software version 4.2, which greatly enhances the sound design and production workflow for cue-based theatre or live productions. The software provides extended cue list functions including time-based cue recall, MIDI MMC commands for sound FX playback triggers, as well as the introduction of some brand new cue events. Characters in a musical or play can now be given any desired library entry (e.g. a special EQ setting) on a cue by cue basis. This allows easy adjustment, either temporary or permanent, of these library settings, as well as a very straightforward way to replace the settings of an actor with replacement-actor or understudy settings. VCA assigns and muting of channels can now also be entered on a cue by cue basis, without the use of snapshots, for a much easier and comprehensive way of building a show.

Enhance you mix from an audience perspective
Vista software version 4.2, in combination with or without the Compact Remote Bay, also offers the Virtual Vista PC-based online and offline editor, so the sound engineer can move around the theatre and make adjustments to level and EQ from all the key audience seating positions, live. This can also function as a console control backup, working in parallel with the desk.

Small footprint with lot's of options
The 22-fader version of the Studer Vista 5 M2 offers the smallest footprint of any Vista console. This not only provides a compact, easily navigable interface for engineers, but also enables theatres to dedicate more space to additional seating, making the console an attractive revenue-generating option as well. The 22-fader version is optionally equipped with new TFT metering, capable of displaying signal levels from mono through to 5.1 channels on each input, with a configurable lower area which can be used to display bus assignments, surround images or the unique 'History Mode', where a scrolling audio waveform displays signal anomalies and highlights them for up to 50 seconds to allow the engineer to identify where the event occurred. Metering for 'layer 2' signals can also be viewed, while the Control Bay screen can be used to provide configurable user pages with up to 40 meters. When the TFT meter bridge is fitted, the external GC screen becomes an integral part of the chassis. The Vista 5 family has found its home in all kinds of broadcast and theatre production facilities around the world. Existing Vista 5 owners will be pleased to learn that their console may be easily upgraded to the M2 version to be ready for the optional meter bridge, which is a simple add-on to the console chassis.

Main Advantages

  • Modular configuration offers maximum flexibility
  • Unique intuitive operation
  • Unparalleled sound quality
  • Small footprint 'more space for your audience'
  • Extended cue list functions
  • Budget friendly

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