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Ecreso FM AiO Series: Efficient. Scalable. Rock-Solid.

Ecreso FM AiO Series: Efficient. Scalable. Rock-Solid.

The Ecreso FM AiO Series is a new generation FM transmitter range offering a combination of advanced features into a single transmitter - a game-changer in broadcasting that you'll want to discover!
Key features

  • Built-in audio/MPX over IP input
  • Full RDS features
  • 5-Band sound processor
  • SmartFM technology
  • 10-year warranty
  • Available in Packs for a mega deal


Discover it through the ONLINE DEMO:
Exciting update! The online demo is now available, giving you an exclusive look at the robust Graphical User Interface (GUI). Discover a range of features designed to save you time and money while delivering outstanding audio quality to your audience. Explore the demo easily - just sign in with our password to check it out. 


The new AiO series of the Ecreso FM transmitter range is proof that aligning cutting-edge innovation with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership is possible. It is a compact, yet powerful product designed to achieve the highest efficiency possible, ensure rock-solid operations, improve user experience, and substantially lower operating costs. 
The Ecreso FM AiO Series offers an unprecedented number of advanced built-in software features. Available in 100W, 300W, 600W, and 1kW, its software-oriented design enables a seamless transition to a more virtualized infrastructure - or as we put it "more software, less hardware". This shift to virtualization is strategic in reducing the amount of peripheral equipment to purchase, thereby offering important upfront and operational cost savings for the broadcaster. 

The AiO series is the latest generation of FM transmitters from WorldCast Systems. Its cutting- edge design empowers broadcasters with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership achievable in FM today.
Available from 100W to 1kW, the AiO series delivers unparallel efficiency. In its standard operations, broadcasters benefit from up to 76% efficiency and when the patented SmartFM technology is activated, they can further reduce their energy consumption by up to 40%.
The AiO series also brings together the expertise of APT and Audemat into a compact 2U chassis, resulting in a unique APT IP Decoder and a full RDS encoder.
Additional features such as the direct-to-channel digital modulator and a 5-band sound processor complete this flagship FM transmitter.


Best Total Cost of Ownership On The Market
The new AiO series delivers the highest efficiency on the market: up to 76% before a SmartFM boost. With its extensive list of built-in features to reduce on-site equipment, its planar design, and hot swappable architecture, this new range of FM transmitters is proof that aligning cutting-edge innovation with the best Total Cost of Ownership is possible. Thanks to its rock-solid design, broadcasters also benefit from an unrivalled 10-year warranty.

Online audio back-up
In addition to the already existing offline backup on SD card, the Ecreso FM AiO series is now fitted with an online audio backup supporting IceCast and ShoutCast streaming. With this new capability, the transmitter ensures audio backups when the main sources are faulty. 
This means broadcasters can reuse an existing radio broadcast channel to enable the redundancy of its audio program. They can play an audio file which is saved on the SD card, or they can recover an IceCast / ShoutCast stream and continue to broadcast the program live from a web radio source. The advantage is increased reliability and reassurance of staying on-air, without the fear of adding to infrastructure costs.
All-in-one solution
WorldCast Systems is committed to embracing technological advancements that optimize CAPEX, lower OPEX and promote sustainability through efficient product design and green technology. The Ecreso FM AiO series represents this promise by offering broadcasters a transition towards software-rich designs where onboard technology replaces separate hardware. This shift allows broadcasters to streamline operations with an all-in-one solution offering powerful, field-proven software technology on a single robust hardware system. Concretely, the benefits are multiple with less upfront purchases, complex setups, cablings, and on-site deployment and maintenance trips.

Easy Migration To An All-IP Broadcast Chain
Enable a more seamless operation with less equipment: the AiO series includes a 5-band sound processor, a stereo encoder, digital modulator, and a full RDS encoder with UECP capabilities from WorldCast’s Audemat range. This unique set of features is complemented by a software-based APT IP decoder that directly ingests audio and MPX over IP to the direct-to-channel digital modulator, fully compatible with SureStream and APTmpX.

Designed to operate REMOTELY

The AiO series provides advanced remote configuration and control. A user-friendly web and mobile GUI includes advanced troubleshooting tools:

  • Functional diagrams,
  • Advanced Measurement interface
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • 7-day Graphical History with 20 different sensors!

It also includes full SNMP management with 4 independant SNMP "manager" configurations, control and monitoring of all transmitter parameters, and alarms notifications by SNMP traps and e-mails.

SmartFM is a sophisticated algorithm which enables broadcasters to significantly reduce their energy costs without any compromise on the audio quality and coverage.
→ Lowers energy costs by up to 40% thanks to electricity savings.
→ Reduces CO2 emissions for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.


The embedded APT IP Decoder directly ingests audio over IP to the Direct-to-Channel Digital Modulator and is compatible with SureStream.
It also supports MPX over IP and the unrivalled MPX compression algorithm: APTmpX. This software feature helps broadcasters looking to modernize their network with a transition to all-IP broadcast chain!


Embedded into the FM digital modulator, the software sound processor offers an outstanding reliability and the highest signal quality.
You can choose from:

  • A wide-band version to finalize the audio processed at your studio.
  • A multi-band version to achieve the level of processing required for your station.

The processor is supplied with a full set of presets.


Integrated dynamic & FULL RDS ENCODER

After the worldwide success of Audemat RDS Encoders, WorldCast Systems has integrated its RDS expertise into the AiO series resulting in 2 RDS software options:

  • The Dynamic RDS encoder equivalent to the previous Ecreso transmitters range.
  • The Full RDS encoder by Audemat, a software version of the flagship Audemat RDS Encoder.

Highest Audio Quality
Digital MPX over AES
Intelligent automatic switching
Digital Stereo encoder
Direct-to-channel digital modulator

Fully Controlled
Automation engine with scheduler and presets
SNMP & GPIO management
Alerts notifications by email

Designed to operate for decades
1+1 & N+1 solutions
Hot-swappable PSU & fan
Scalable hardware for software upgrade

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