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Calrec Argo: The new approach to audio mixing – any panel, anywhere

Calrec Argo: The new approach to audio mixing – any panel, anywhere

All-new, simple, intuitive, flexible, IP native surface with supercharged DSP, interchangeable panels and configurable layouts.

Argo comes in two sizes; the larger Argo Q model has two mid-level rows of interchangeable panels and the compact Argo S model has one mid-level row.

Why you need an Argo?

Argo is the result of over 50 years of expertise and research & development in the science of broadcast audio. Argo boasts native IP connectivity based on industry-wide standards, supercharged DSP with 1000s of DSP paths, and an ultra-modern and user-definable control surface. Argo is the next-generation audio console for all broadcasters, suiting a range of needs, from the largest global sporting events to automated / semi-automated news environments and flagship entertainment shows. With all this and more, Calrec’s Argo will surpass your needs well into the future.


  1. Flexible, simple & intuitive all-new surface design
    Up to 240 faders per system. Short learning curve with familiar Assist application. Intuitive use of colour and digital scribble strip.
  2. Any panel, anywhere
    Choose from dual fader, rotary control, monitoring or loudspeaker panels - all panels are interchangeable within the same frame and between Argo Q & Argo S.
  3. Supercharged DSP
    Based on Calrec's ImPulse core with max DSP capacity extended to up to 2384 DSP paths for the most demanding, immersive productions.
  4. More of what you need, where you need it
    EQ and dynamics now available on all Auxes and Tracks. Addition of stereo automixer, Ducker and variable slopes.
  5. Remote control
    Calrec’s Assist application is built into Argo, along with remote surface options and True Control.
  6. IP native and IT friendly
    From the ground up, Argo is IP-native based on ST2110 with surface sections and surface to core links on standard COTS switches.
  7. Resilient & redundant
    Argo has no system PC. Each section is fully self-sufficient, and of course, dual PSUs, dual control links and ST2022-7 as standard.
  8. Configurable
    Simple UI for customising unique user controller layouts.
  9. Integrated
    Fanless surface mounted I/O options, video input per meter screen for Waves, 3rd party meters (RTW) or preview monitor.

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