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Reinventing on-site productions

Reinventing on-site productions

Traditional on-site sports productions come with operational overhead.
Setting up line of sight infrastructure, cabling, sourcing stable internet, pre-event planning and significant staff travel, all translate into substantial costs and risks. These challenges often keep events from being broadcast live, or don’t capture the action where it happens.

Introducing LiveU On-site Production Solution

As the leader in mobile live video solutions, we're committed to facilitating the highest quality productions
– simplifying the workflow while making it more cost-effective, sustainable, and easy to adopt.
LiveU's on-site production solution enables hassle-free live productions, taking our resilient contribution solution to the field. Providing not only the mobile encoder, but for the first time leveraging bonded cellular connectivity to the receiver, turning it into a Mobile Receiver. And the secret component bonding them together, resides in the cloud – The LU-Link cloud service.

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Low cost Minimal setup

Traditional expensive line of sight equipment, additional hardware deployment and internet sourcing are no longer needed.
Assembly and staff time, travel and equipment transport are also reduced significantly, saving on costs and carbon footprints.

Fast track to live

The secret to the simplified ecosystem is the LU-Link cloud service. In just one click it pairs between the field units and the receiver on-site turning it into a Mobile Receiver. No on-site network technicians are required. No need for external internet sourcing too. You can independently overcome any network barriers and GO LIVE.

Limitless production value

Unleash the full potential of your live coverage and take your audience to places they've never been before! Enable new sports productions that were previously costly or complex and expand existing productions with new content from innovative angles.The LiveU On-site Production solution lets you capture thrilling action from any angle or location, including moving vehicles, helicopters and challenging terrains.

The On-site Production Solution Components

LiveU field unit

Position a mobile field unit at any strategic location for the best camera angles. Choose between our family of portable encoders, including the multi-cam LU800, and compact LU300s

Mobile Receiver

Set up your receiver in an on-site truck

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  • LU-Link
    Cloud Service– This service allows for video transmission to flow seamlessly through the cloud overcoming network barriers in the field. The cloud service extends the LRTTM (LiveU Reliable Transport) bonding advantages from the unit to the receiver both on the uplink and downlink side.


  • LU2000/LU4000 Receiver
    Supports up to four full HD feeds from the field, fully synchronized. Can also support a single 4K 10-bit HDR feed.


  • LiveU Xtend
    A device that provides cellular connectivity to the receiver in the truck, by bonding up to 8 cellular modems over 4G and 5G networks. Making external internet sourcing redundant.

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