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Set up broadband audio connections with SIP

Set up broadband audio connections with SIP

As a (radio) broadcaster you make extensive use of live audio feeds from remote locations. And you are faced with a large increase in IP based audio codec connections. The Heynen BroadSIP Server makes the management of these connections a lot easier and more reliable. 

Easy connections
IP based audio codec connections are cost effective. And they allow you to set up broadband audio feeds from everywhere where there is an internet connection. But the management of these connections is much more difficult than it used to be with ISDN or POTS connections. You are faced with IP settings, firewalls, stun servers and more challenging technology. The industry has introduced SIP as method to make connections easier with the N/ACIP specification. This allows you to 'dial' studio3@studiocomplex.com or reporterbilly@thefield.com. Now what you need is a central application from where you can manage all these connections.

Get the overview
The Heynen BroadSIP Server provides a central codec management application. You can see which codecs and reporters are online and you can set up connections between different audio codecs. Much like a central telephony operator you might have at your office. It is also possible to schedule calls, create reports on past connections and administrate SIP accounts for your codec equipment.

Turnkey solution
Let Heynen worry about IP settings, firewalls, redundancy, etc. And let us do the work of setting up a reliable BroadSIP environment for you together with your IT department. Heynen has lots of experience with SIP services and IP networks. We can also train your (audio) engineers on IP networks and how to use IP to set up reliable audio connections. Curious what we can do your you? Please contact Ad de Groot at Ad.deGroot@heynen.nl t +31 (0)485 550903 m +31 (0)6 209 58 712

Main Advantages

  • Easy and reliable audio connections over IP
  • Codec manufacturer independent
  • Central view on who is online

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