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Manage and distribute linear TV channels to any pay-TV and OTT platform with a simple cloud-based solution

Manage and distribute linear TV channels to any pay-TV and OTT platform with a simple cloud-based solution

Cloud-based control room & playout service 

At a glance 
Evrideo solutions with ZiXi integration 

  • Evrideo - A SaaS cloud-based broadcast platform that enables any content owner to manage linear TV channels and distribute them over IP to any pay-TV and OTT platform

Evrideo key features 
All the necessary functions required for Online-Live TV in broadcast quality: 

  • A web interface that offer a simple workflow 
  • Enables programing and scheduling of a TV channel 
  • Supports audio and subtitles in a variety of languages 
  • Integrates live feeds 
  • Integrated dynamic graphics 
  • Supports adding cue tones for advertising localization 
  • Supports live recording 
  • Transcoding widgets 
  • Auto publish and rules 
  • 3D graphics 
  • Social integration

Key ZiXi benefits

  • Security – Zixi provides best-in class security enhanced with DTLS and AES standards-based protection 
  • Reliability – Contribute source streams with 99.999+% broadcast reliability with hitless failover provides redundant transmission options for higher reliability and disaster recovery 
  • Low Latency – With network adaptive forward error correction and recovery, proven sub 1 second live linear latency 
  • Interoperability – Zixi is compatible with the largest ecosystem of encoding devices and contribution sources

A cost-effective, flexible way to efficiently manage and deliver live video
Traditional on-prem MCR (Master Control Room) and playout solutions can’t keep up with the pace of today’s quickly evolving video transport ecosystem. The hardware becomes outdated, formats are changing rapidly, they require high CAPEX and a highly trained operations team to operate them. Modern broadcasters and content owners need a more flexible, dynamic solution to manage and deliver their TV channels that will allow them to keep pace with the industry’s newly virtualized and rapidly evolving and workflows. Evrideo offers a Zixi-integrated cloud-based MCR and Playout solution as a cost effective, pay-as-you-go model that doesn’t require any CAPEX investments, a risk free alternative with low operational costs. With Evrideo and Zixi’s joint solution, broadcasters and content owners can enjoy a flexible and cost-effective service with a simple workflow, that will allow them to focus on licensing their content and developing innovative business models rather than worrying about operations and technology. 

Making the public internet viable for reliable transport of broadcast-quality live video 
Evrideo’s self-service, end-to-end broadcast platform allows broadcasters to upload their video content and live feeds, and then manage them as professional-grade TV channels that can be distributed to any pay-TV and OTT platform. A true cloud based solution, Evrideo customers can manage and control their content and channels from everywhere in the world using a simple laptop/pc and internet access. 
By activating Zixi through a license, Evrideo customers can deliver feeds to any location on earth using cost-effective public internet connectivity without the need to use expensive and slow-time-to-market satellite or fiber connectivity. 
Evrideo’s cloud-based MCR and playout uses Zixi throughout the entire delivery path: 

  • Contribution - Live-in feeds are pulled using Zixi from many IP sources to deliver into TV channels 
  • Distribution - The output of more then 200 linear TV feeds are delivered using Zixi to a variety of Pay-TV platforms, Teleport facilities and end users worldwide 

End-to-end protected contribution and distribution leveraging zixi 
Evrideo relies on key elements of the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform to transport broadcast-quality live video over any IP network: the Zixi protocol and the video solutions stack. 

The Zixi protocol is a resilient congestion and network-aware protocol that adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented, dynamic Forward Error Correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP with 99.9999% uptime at minimal latency. It provides best-in-class security with DTLS and AES encryption, allows for protected multicast transport, provides bandwidth efficiency and enables encoder backpressure. 
With minimum overhead to physical bandwidth, the Zixi protocol removes jitter, recovers and re-orders packets, smooths video delivery enabling the streaming of broadcast-quality video over any distance, while overcoming the varying network conditions of unmanaged networks such as the public Internet. The Zixi protocol also offers robust hitless failover capabilities, which include a patent-pending DNA like re-sequencing algorithm. This unique technology enables hitless failover between non-uniquely identified streams from multiple contribution points with missing packets. 

The Zixi video solutions stack provides essential software tools and core media processing functions that allows for transcoding, auto-slating and time-shifting over multiple transmission paths and bitrate adaptation to ensure reliability over any IP network, any protocol, and any cloud provider. Zixi’s Video Solutions Stack provides extensive transport, network and content quality analytics. 

Quickly gain workflow flexibility & agility 
Evrideo users can set up a connection or transport using Zixi in a matter of minutes with minimal staff vs. the hours and extensive teams needed to supervise more traditional infrastructure such as fiber or satellite. 
Using Evrideo and Zixi, customers can shift from hardware-based to software defined solutions in order to quickly gain workflow flexibility and agility when it comes to enabling new revenue sources and cost-effective content exchange. The integrated solution enables rapid distribution and syndication of their channels to cables operators, as well as DTH, IPTV and OTT platforms. 

Reliable ingest and distribution over public internet 

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