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7 reasons to visit Calrec at IBC2021

7 reasons to visit Calrec at IBC2021

You are invited to join Calrec at stand 8.F56, IBC2021, RAI Amsterdam between 3rd – 6th December 2021

This will be your first opportunity to get up close and personal with our kit and find out more about remote working, virtualisation, remote production and IP.

Calrec will be showcasing a comprehensive range of broadcast audio products – Apollo, Artemis, Brio, Type R, ImPulse, RP1, Gateway, Hydra2 and Assist.

Come and have a chat or arrange a demo with Calrec’s broadcast specialists. We’re looking forward to meeting up!

Contact Danny  for a meet-up!

If you are still undecided, here are 7 magnificent reasons why you should join Calrec at IBC2021.If you are still undecided, here are 7 magnificent reasons why you should join Calrec at IBC2021.


1. Back to Broadcast at IBC2021


We’re not only back to broadcast, we’re back to more broadcast than ever before. The broadcast market is rapidly evolving as it rises to the challenges of greater competition and the issues created by Covid, and we’ve been with broadcasters every step of the way.

At IBC2021 Calrec will show a range of solutions that enable broadcasters to meet these challenges with a focus on remote working, virtualization, remote production and IP.

We’ve got Calrec Assist on both the Apollo and the RP1 Remote Production core to demonstrate remote working and remote production; we’ve got the modular Type R IP console; Brio, our biggest tiny console ever, now with extra features as standard; the Apollo, a powerhouse of a console; the ImPulse IP core, the most powerful broadcast IP core available anywhere; and the H2-IP Gateway, which provides an interface between Calrec’s proprietary Hydra2 network and a SMPTE 2110-30 network.

Face-to-face chats are something we used to do a lot in the olden days, let’s get back to it in Amsterdam – book a session now!


2. Remote Working


Calrec’s Assist web interface allows operators to mix entire shows from their home or other physical location. Assist provides comprehensive control for Calrec’s Apollo, Artemis, VP2 virtual production engine and Type R IP core and has been used extensively by many broadcasters to provide remote mixing solutions over the last 18 months.

At IBC2021 you can see it working not once but twice! We’ll have it remote controlling the Apollo console, and we also have it working in conjunction with RP1 to demonstrate remote working and remote production.

RP1 enables broadcasters to mix live events either on dedicated Calrec hardware or on Calrec Assist from a remote facility. This year broadcasters like NBC and the BBC have reduced the number of people they sent to events by using RP1 to mix international sports from studios in Manchester UK and New York. In-ear latency is eradicated by locating RP1’s 2U core at the venue.

3. Work Hard, Play Constructively – Lego

We’re building back stronger, one brick at a time.

We’ve created a Calrec Type R LEGO® kit so you can build your very own LEGO® Type R IP audio mixing console at home.

Numbers are limited, but if you are one of the first 5 people to book a demo on our Type R console at IBC, we’ll give you one of your very own when you come for the demo at the show. Book a demo by contacting us here, and if you’re not in the first 5 people we’ll keep you on the list in case we get any no-shows.

Each limited-edition 200-piece kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet and lots of creative fun.


4. IP

Not only do we have Type R and ImPulse at IBC, but we’ll also be demonstrating how you can use the H2-IP Gateway to provide a link between Calrec’s proprietary Hydra2 network and a SMPTE 2110-30 network.

ImPulse is the most powerful audio processing and routing engine available. With SMPTE 2110 connectivity and compatibility with current Apollo and Artemis control surfaces, it provides a simple upgrade path to IP.

Calrec’s H2-IP Gateway expands the range of AoIP solutions from Calrec and enables audio labels and control data to be passed between both networks; this gives Hydra2 users the ability to control Calrec AoIP inputs and vice versa.

The H2 IP Gateway means Calrec equipment can sit on an IP network, a proprietary Hydra2 network, or a combination of the two, and you can move to IP at your own pace.


5. Type R

Type R is an expandable and flexible IP mixing system for small TV and radio stations which uses soft panels to meet specific operator needs. Its three hardware panels can create a variety of system types, it uses Assist to mix in the cloud and it provides facilities for up to three independent mixers to hang off one system core.

It’s super-flexible and can be whatever you want it to be. Since the last IBC it’s been used as a remote console, in local TV news, community radio, internet radio, popup broadcast environment and on wider distributed networks.

Don’t forget – if you’re quick you could bag yourself a free Type R LEGO® kit.


6. Brio

Brio is a plug-and-play fully-featured broadcast console, and Calrec’s new Brio Duet and Medley have now been stacked out with extra features, Duet has 96 channels as standard, internal Hydra2 connectivity, comprehensive built-in IO; Medley adds an additional Dante 64 or MADI IO module as well as an external Br.IO box with 24 mic/line inputs, 16 analogue outputs and 8 AES IO.

Over the last 18 months, this portable and flexible console has been a real workhorse for broadcasters looking to work remotely. It has mixed everything from live news and live sports to a magazine show about choirs, from homes, garages and even a VW Campervan!

With comprehensive free training, market-leading technical customer support and Calrec’s renowned reliability, Brio meets your needs for years to come.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get this in front of anyone, and we’re so looking forward to having it front and centre at IBC2021.

7. People

Come on, you’ve missed it. We’ve all missed it.

We’re all really hoping that we’ll be able to meet up with customers and partners we’ve missed and we’re excited to tell them what we’ve been up to.

Not spending time with people has been the hardest thing for everyone. We’ve all had to evolve to new ways of working, talking, playing and communicating, but sometimes it’s just nice to look someone in the eyes when you say hello, even if we’re just bumping elbows (which we will be doing!)

We hope to see many of you again at IBC2021, and even if we don’t know you, why not stop by to say hello.

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IBC2021, RAI Amsterdam

Event date: 3 December 2021 / 6 December 2021
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