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HD-SDI to JPEG2000 Compression Capabilities

HD-SDI to JPEG2000 Compression Capabilities

"Users are looking for cost effective methods to transport HD-SDI signals across bandwidth limited networks. Leveraging JPEG2000 for compression and MPEG-2TS encapsulated in DVB-ASI for transport, users now have a solution that will work across all standard video networks." said Richard Dellacanonica, president of Artel Video Systems. "This enables users to leverage their existing networks and infrastructure to transport HD-SDI at a much lower cost, with minimal latency than has been previously available."

The DLC610 which is user configurable as an encoder or decoder is low cost, simple to deploy and tightly integrated into the DigiLink platform. It uses the state-of-the-art intoPIX® compression core to compress the video to 80 to 180Mb/s JPEG2000 stream. Using a newly developed standard, the DLC610 then combines compressed video with audio and ancillary data into a MPEG-2TS transport stream, and finally encapsulation into DVB-ASI. The resulting stream can then be transported over fiber links, Ethernet, and optical networks for decoding and delivery by a DLC610 or any other industry standard JPEG2000 decoder. An open, flexible design enables users to purchase the DLC610 as a low-cost standalone solution for integration into standard ASI equipment or into the DigiLink platform. NEBS Level 3 certification ensures reliable operation in harsh environments.

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