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Spinner In-Building Antennas for optimal coverage

Spinner In-Building Antennas for optimal coverage

Wireless communication is becoming increasingly important and with that the need for good indoor coverage. Apart from the splitters, tappers, combiners and cables there is one component that it critical to the success of your system: the antenna. The performance of the device that transmits / receives the signal can make or break your system.

SPINNER is renowned for its premium line of in-building solutions that allow cost-efficient coverage all over the world and have introduced a line of in-building antennas, converting them into the preferred one-stop-shop for in-building coverage solutions.

Technical performance

Because of their importance, SPINNER decided to equip all the in-building antennas with the 4.3-10 interface which is known for its supreme electrical performance across all wireless communication standards. If you use them in combination with other low-PIM component, you are assured of a reliable network and maximum bandwith.

The frequencies range from PMR/TETRA (also known as C2000 or ASTRID) all the way up to 5G and even WiFi or Private LTE can be included. Whether you are looking for a 1-Port SISO directional antenna or a 2-Port MIMO antenna, SPINNER offers you the choice that fits your configuration.

Visual impact

Other than the functions of the antenna, the design is not to be underestimated. It should not only work well, but not catch too much attention either. With extremely thin chip antennas SPINNER makes sure that their antennas blend in with the environment.


You can find a complete overview of the portfolio in the product finder and more information in the brochure below. In case you do not find the antenna you are looking for, please reach out to one of our experts who will surely guide you towards a solution that meets your requirements.


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