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Netmodule Vehicle Routers

Netmodule Vehicle Routers

Smart devices are seen as a necessity. We expect to have a connection to the internet wherever we are, in the bus, taxi, train, boat, everywhere. What you normally do not see is how this is arranged. The Vehicle routers of Netmodule are positioned in almost any moving vehicle. You see them in buses, cars, trains, ferries, etc.The passengers of these vehicles can use the powerfull and stable internet connection enabled by the Netmodule products. No difference in working from home or remote. Connection to multple networks at once gives you the possibilty to have a succesfull connection between your vehicle and the ground communication. By using multiple connections the router can switch to multiple networks if one or them does not have the appropriate signal quality. This assures a quality connection

The NB 2800 serie is the high-end of these routers enabled for 5G

  NB800 E-Mark NG800 NB2800 (5G) NB2810 (5G)
Max Cellular 1 1 4 (2) 4 (2)
SIM 1 micro/
1e SIM Chip (on request)
1 micro/
1e SIM Chip (on request)
4 micro 4 micro
Max WLAN 1 1 2 2
Max Antenna 4 SMA 5 FAKRA 10 FAKRA/SMA 10 FAKRA
Ethernet 1FE 1FE, 2 ETH-auto 2GbE 2GbE-M12
Standard interfaces USB2.0 RS-232, 2 CAN USB 3.0, RS-232 USB 3.0, RS-232
Interface options RS-232/485, Digital-I/O, CAN - RS-232, RS485, CAN, Audio, PTT, IBIS, Digital-I/O RS-232, RS485, CAN, Audio, PTT, IBIS, Digital-I/O
CPU 1GHz single core 1GHz single core 1.3 GHz dual core 1.3 GHz dual core
Module slots 1 shield 1 extension module 4 miniPCle 4 miniPCle
Input Voltage 12,24 VDC 12, 24 VDC with IGN 24, 48 VDC with IGN 24, 48 VDC with IGN


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