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Bird enabling field Spectrum Analysis for every field engineer

Bird enabling field Spectrum Analysis for every field engineer

The SignalHawk™ SH-42S-TC is a new generation of Spectrum Analyzer that offers superb functionality in a small, very affordable package.  This highly portable unit fits easily in one hand and offers the user an amazing intuitive user interface.  Built upon an Android platform, users will find a high-resolution touch screen with familiar, easy to use, methods for setting up and using the spectrum analyzer.  Field engineers, technicians, wireless equipment manufacturers, service providers, contractors, tower erectors and military field personnel alike have come to trust the efficiency and precision results of SignalHawk.

Key features

  • Frequency range: 10 MHz - 4.2 GHz
  • DANL of 1 GHz, -168 dBm/Hz with preamp
  • Highly portable, fits in one hand
  • Built on Android platform – easy to use
  • Affordable price

Usability and positioning
The new device is position in the low cost marked so that the field technicians can be equipped with a powerfull Spectrum analyser. The new spectrum analyser offers several usage levels. It can be operate by specilists and novices it the spectrum analysis area. The device has a color display giving perfect inside and outside visibility

The Spectrum analyser is based on Android enabling powerfull featuring and ease of using. The device can upload and view work-orders and customized help files. This with a word/pdf viewer

Power Measurements
By using the Power Meter app the device can also operate with most Bird field power sensors so that you also can monitor the power in thhe field.

Main Advantages

  • Low Cost
  • Handheld (6 hours battery life)
  • Ease of use
  • Power sensor accesability
  • Robust, indoor and outdoor usage

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