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For over 70 years Spinner has been setting standards in RF Technology and therefore are considered a real frontrunner in this field. Their continued pursuit for quality is summarized by the claim: "High Frequency Performance Worldwide". 

With its headquarter in Munich, Germany, and production sites in Germany, Hungary and China they employ over 1.000 people. Together with subsidiaries and representatives in over 40 countries they provide leading industrial companies with the latest solutions with outstanding reliability and often customized to their specific needs.

Typical applications are mobile communication base stations, in-building / DAS, radio relay or radar installations, radio and television transmitter stations or in medical technology.

  • Supplier's Speciality:
    • Coaxial connectors (4.3-10, 2.2-5, NEX10®, 7-16, 4.1-9.5 and N)
    • Jumper cables
    • Mobile network combining systems
    • Loads & attenuators
    • In-Building antennas
    • Directional couplers & dividers
    • Broadcast systems
    • Rotary joints & slip rings
    • Measurement components & calibration kits

  • Country: Germany
  • Website: http://www.spinner-group.com

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