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Broadband Network Operator? SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System!

Broadband Network Operator? SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System!

As a broadband network operator, you need to rely on your systems to deliver content to your subscribers. Early or even premature failure detection is key in preventing downtime and or outage. Spinner’s AMS is engineered to detect flaws in broadcast transmission infrastructure, and alert you to the problem before the damage is done.

Unavoidable Degradation
Undoubtedly your infrastructure is robust. Yet cable- and dipole-insulation can crack due to long-term UV exposure. Feeder cables can get damaged by heavy winds, icefall or corrosion. Inadvertent overload with RF-power or lighting strikes can also occur. In the long term these problems can cause the site to be off-air through degraded RF-components or even by fire, completely disabling the broadcast system.

Early Failure Detection System
With AMS, Spinner offers a reliable early failure detection system, that pinpoints problems with cables, splitters and antennas, before more serious damage occurs. Whenever there are flaws in your broadcast transmission infrastructure, AMS triggers an alarm both locally by control lamps and remotely via the SNMP interface. Proper actions can then be taken to prevent imminent system downtime. All events are permanently recorded and can be reviewed through a user-friendly web-interface.

Technology And System Integration
The SPINNER solution uses insulation measurement and arc detection to monitor the system from the patch panel, to feeder cable and the last dipole. The newly patented measurement equipment responds to the earliest and smallest signs of moisture penetration. SPINNER AMS consists of a U-link connected to a control unit. It is an ingeniously simple design, with easy and fast installation. All the components are housed indoor at a single spot. There are no invasive changes to the system, no signal distortion and your antenna pattern will not be affected.

Main Advantages

  • Highly reliable for insulation & ARC detection
  • Works with every legacy broadcast system
  • Ultra-fast installation minimal signal downtime
  • Compact solution 1 rack unit
  • Zero impact on the signal
  • U-link based measurement

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