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Why do you need a Lithium-ion Capacitor?

Why do you need a Lithium-ion Capacitor?

When designing electronic applications the energy household is one of the puzzles that needs to be solved. Topics like energy storage, power consumption and peak power needs need to be addressed. With the increased focus on energy consumption and energy efficiency this is becoming an even bigger challenge. A battery is often used for long-term energy storage and a capacitor for short-term energy storage. Both have their advantages and their limitations. Jianghai is now introducing lithium-ion capacitors as a third option that fits between the use of a battery and a regular capacitor. 
An advantage of lithium-ion capacitors over batteries comes into play when higher temperatures are involved. Lithium-ion capacitors and batteries are both very stable in room temperature where both technologies discharge less than 5% over 2500 hours. But at 60°C a battery loses 30% of its capacity over the same time and a lithium-ion capacitor will stay below 15% discharge. 
A second advantage is that with lithium-ion capacitors you don’t need to worry about the risk of thermal runaway. A lithium-ion capacitor dos not use metallic lithium or lithium oxide. 

Other features and advantages of Lithium-ion Capacitors are:

  • >100000 charge cycles
  • Broad temperature range
  • Low weight
  • Quick charge and discharge times
  • High pulse current

Typical applications include:

  • E-Mobility
  • Energy storage / energy backup
  • Smart metering
  • Power tools
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Industrial truck & city busses

What can we offer?Afbeelding2.jpg

Jianghai offers a broad range of lithium-ion based solutions to cover many application requirements. This includes radial components with a capacity range starting at 30F up to 220F. Pouches are also available in range 1.000F up to 16.000F or even more when pouches are combined. The lithium-ion capacitors can be used in new designs and can optimize existing designs by replacing the current energy storage components.
Please do contact us with your requirements – we are happy to help and advice the right part(s). With the capacitor pouches we can configure a capacity pack that can replace an entire battery pack or that can be used in combination with  battery pack, for instance to handle peak load in high power applications. Both voltage and capacitance can be configured on your specification. The capacity packs can be delivered with and without a cell management system (or capacitance management system, CMS) to balance the individual cells. 

An example application Jianghai developed is a product assembly using radial LIC's that delivers 12V/1A for 30 seconds. This product is used as a mini-backup power module. The end customer uses this module in a payment device. The 30 seconds gives the customer time to finish a payment and power a large LCD display. The module consists of a CMS and 3 or 6 LI-capacitors in different configurations for 12V and 24V.  






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