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Electric charging system with super capacitors for mobile consumers

Electric charging system with super capacitors for mobile consumers

Problem: Battery technology todayProblem Battery technology today.png

  • Based on a chemical reaction => inherently slow, time consuming => causing dead time,
  • Burden for the environment and the grid, 
  • No alternative to combustion engines (power density),
  • charging from 0% to 100% takes at least 1 hour.

Solution: deploying latest Supercapacitors with SwissCapTechSolution deploying latest Supercapacitors with SwissCapTech.png

  • based on a physical process, thus extremely fast
  • very low environmental impact and no strain on the power grid
  • alternative to combustion engines => extremely high performance possible
  • with SwissCapTech: charging from 0% to 100% in 2-6 minutes

The SwissCapTech solutionThe SwissCapTech solution.png
A new and disruptive technology which enables large amounts of electric energy to be transmitted from a charging station to a mobile energy storage within a very short time.

Difference: Converter vs. Energy Storage

  • Conventional chargers as fast as the grid permits
  • Li-Ion Capacitors
  • Very fast independent Energy Transmission

Regular balancing Systems

Regular balancing Systems 1.pngRegular balancing Systems 2.png


SuperCaps charge SuperCapsSuperCaps charge SuperCaps.png
Supercapacitors store energy through a physical process
Chemical batteries store energy through a chemical process
Supercapacitors can transfer energy at high charging rates

SuperCap as Core Element

  • Supercapacitors charge Supercapacitors
  • Always in the optimal range
  • Balancing without losses

SuperCap as Core Element2.png SuperCap1.jpg


Always in the optimal range

Always in the optimal range.png

Combination of the Li-Ion Capacitors

Combination of the Li-Ion Capacitors.png


Batteries vs. Li-Ion Caps 

Batteries vs. Li-Ion Caps.png

Benefits of SwissCapTech solution

  • The charging station as a buffer:
    • Investments in the grid can be avoided,
    • SwissCapTech-System combine mobile- and charging application


  • Minimal waiting time = “dead time killer“
    • ​​​​Transport systems
    • Construction Sites
    • Electric Tools
    • Etc.

Benefits of SwissCapTech solution.png

  • Mobile power consumers can be used almost all the time:
    • No planning of charging times, no replacement batteries, no battery swapping.

Why the Swisscaptech Solution?

  • A proven and tested technique that works
  • Support to create an application together
  • Collaboration delivers results faster and more useful applications quickly 
  • The capacity of our energy network can hardly follow the growth of applications
  • There are similar challenges all over Europe

Technology – IP Swisscaptech

  • Step-by-step charging to protect the charging electronics and the charging cables
    Patent 1: Method and system for charging mobile ultracaps (P26563CH00)
  • ​​​​​​​Balancing / switching the cells from parallel to serial 
    Patent 2: Method and system for maximum capacity utilization (P26617CH00)
  • Very fast charging process
    Patent 3 : Quick charging process and unit (P26834CH00)

Interested in further developments?

At this moment (july 22) we are busy making a demo model. We expect it to be ready soon.
If you are interested in trying it out, or if you have any other questions, please contact one of our experts!

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Please contact Johan with any questions or business opportunities relating to Electronic Components and RF. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Contact form johan.de.ceuster@heynen.be
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Marcel van Venrooij Marcel van Venrooij
Please contact Marcel with any questions or business opportunities relating to Electronic Components. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Dutch market. Contact form marcel.vanvenrooij@heynen.nl
+31 (0)485 55 09 18

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