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Is your network functioning as intended?

Is your network functioning as intended?

IP Fabric is an Intent Based Networking technology that serves as the foundation for network programmability, automation and analytics by delivering critical information required to manage your network operations.

IP Fabric is a vendor neutral automated network assurance platform that automates the holistic discovery, verification, visualisation and documentation of large-scale enterprise networks, reducing the associated costs and required resources whilst improving security and efficiency. The Platform supports your engineering and operations teams, underpinning migration and transformation projects and making network planning, testing and troubleshooting easier.

Why IP Fabric?

Rapid Network Discovery
Discover your whole network and its state in the blink of an eye 
IP Fabric rapidly and automatically discovers your whole network and creates an inventory and visual topology of the current network and its state.

Powerful Documentation 
Make documentation accurate and easy
The platform’s inventory includes up to several thousand recorded data points per device and presents them in an easy to understand and shareable manner, making network documentation easy and providing a valuable resource for audit and compliance.

Foundation of Automation 
Provides the foundation for your automation and intent based networking projects
IP Fabric automates and simplifies a large and critical part of any Automation or Intent ased Networking project, with the detailed data collection that reflects your network’s current state, enabling you to make decisions and validate outcomes.

Service Efficiency 
Improve network efficiency, minimise downtime or soft-failures and simplify troubleshooting 
IP Fabric automatically discovers and centrally highlights single points of failure, policy or functional inconsistencies that can cause costly errors or outages.

Network Clarity 
Make rapid network expansion or change implementation a breeze so your network scales with your business 
With network snapshot-based pre- and post-change validation and complete visualisation of your network, IP Fabric ensures you can clearly see changes and their effect on the whole network or service.

Security Redefined 
Increase network security to minimise vulnerabilities or data loss 
IP Fabric automatically highlights unwanted bypasses and policy violations and ensures your security posture is behaving as intended, making your network less susceptible to intrusions.

Potential Unlocked 
Unleash the full potential of your existing network operations ecosystem
With its powerful API and Webhook capabilities, IP Fabric can be the cornerstone for realising the full value of your current network operations toolset. Through integrating your network tools, organisations can create a powerful flow of information which enables teams across functions to make the right decisions and derive new value from standalone tools. 

Data Democratization 
Democratise access to data
By providing an accurate single point of reference for network information that also integrates with your other solutions, IP Fabric can securely share sensitive network information, breaking down silos and ensuring data democratisation. 

Community Fabric 
Sharing is caring with community fabric 
Community Fabric is a space for users, integrators, curious network professionals and technical peers to share ideas, integrations, code or just discuss. An open melting pot of experience, discussion, inspiration and integration.

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