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IXIA - Proactive monitoring and reducing response time to market feed problems for capital markets

IXIA - Proactive monitoring and reducing response time to market feed problems for capital markets

Multicast gaps are a major problem that affect market data feeds and those making trades using the data. Due to the nature of UDP broadcasting (or IP multicasting), the issue is not if a gap will occur in the data sequence, but when.

TradeVision, the new market feed monitoring and tap aggregation for capital markets
TradeVision is a two-in-one platform that serves as a market feed health monitoring and advanced network visibility solution. We've taken the market feed monitoring capabilities of our existing TradeView platform and made them available as TradeStack features within our best-in-class Vision ONE network packet broker. With its high-precision time stamping ability, combined with tap aggregation and TradeStack market feed monitoring, TradeVision simplifies your network, provides detailed metadata for proactive monitoring and reduces response time to market feed problems.

High Performance Market Feed Monitoring
Ixia TradeVision delivers high-performance monitoring of market data feeds, instantly detecting multicast sequence gaps or feed failures. It can provide such analysis simultaneously on up to 4 x 40GE communication links or LAN segments. This can be provided at full line rate of 40Gbps without the risk of false ‘gap’ positives. In addition, TradeVision can detect the absence of market data messages and stream a summary of traffic statistics and gaps to storage devices and management systems. Each TradeVision has the capacity to monitor 240 million trade/quote messages a second, 12 times more than the entire US equities and options markets combined.

Industry leading Zero-packet loss architecture
FPGA / dedicated hardware acceleration, Parallel packet processing and 10+ years of hardware / FPGA packet processing design

Main Advantages

  • High Performance - Accommodate newer, faster network technologies without additional hardware and without concern that increased speeds will result in more market feed errors.
  • Multicast Gap Detection - Quickly detect gaps in multicast data to recognize market feed network problems with alerts to other tools and systems.
  • Feed and Channel Health - Simplify feed troubleshooting by monitoring channel performance and alerts.
  • High-Resolution Traffic Statistics - Improve capacity planning by streaming metadata off TradeVision to analysis tools where network engineers can build up data on historical traffic patterns.
  • Micro-Burst Alerting - Detect and remedy “bursty” network traffic, where small bursts can cascade into dropped data.
  • Simplified Feed Management - Reduce the frustration and complexity of market feed monitoring via point-and-click setup and management of feed and channels of interest.

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