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Automated network intent verification checks with IP Fabric

Automated network intent verification checks with IP Fabric

"Verify inconsistencies on the network immediately after the discovery is completed. All verification checks are fully customizable or new ones can be created."

Standardized data presentation

Automated data collection and standardized presentation are essential for seamless operations and successful collaboration. IP Fabric uses technology tables to structure the data that can be easily searched, filtered, and sorted.

The platform provides detailed information about each technology or network protocol across all supported vendors and families. Apart from automated filters and easy search options, customized verification mechanisms may be created and included in the Assurance Engine.

Automate continuous verification process

IP Fabric's automated verifications combined with available historical correlations create a very powerful ecosystem for fast and accurate analytics.

With the platform, you can very comfortably create your verification control mechanisms for any supported technology or end-to-end path simulation. All data are available in the Network Assurance Dashboard and are continuously verified with every new snapshot of the network.

Apart from the Dashboard, the Network Analysis Report is a document automatically generated by the platform. It consists of all verification data and the overall network state.

Visualize verifications in diagrams

Alternative forms of verification process include a visual representation of potential issues with available tools in diagrams. The analytics in diagrams provide its users with a Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) check, display single points of failure or non-redundant links.

Interactive diagrams may provide traffic utilization data together with Quality of Service (QoS) and Access-List (ACL) information on demand.

End-to-End path testing is also available in the platform, the mathematical model in the IP Fabric platform currently supports standard switching, routing with ACL or firewall filters verification and also security policies look-up on selected platforms.

Network Audit / Network Analysis Report

Will give you an overall report of your network, including network state checks.

Network Documentation

How to save hundreds of hours of workforce on creating network (audit) reports?

  • With IP Fabric you can schedule network discovery periodically, you will get up-to-date network analysis reports for each snapshot.

  • Define own network verification checks and the results will be automatically included in network audit report

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