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Progress Flowmon

Progress Flowmon

Progress Flowmon, Clever Network Monitoring and Security Solution
A fast, reliable and well secured network is of crucial importance to any organization. Flowmon provides the answer to this challenge using leading edge IP flow monitoring technology (NetFlow, IPFIX) to give you the best solution for network visibility. Go Flowmon and get everything you need to enhance your network & application performance and stop advanced cyber threats. Gartner recognized, recommended by Cisco and CheckPoint.

Heynen is a Flowmon Gold Partner, which is their highest partner status. This means that you can rely on Heynen for the best support and commercial conditions. 

  • Supplier's Speciality:
    • Network Monitoring
    • Network Security
    • Flow based network monitoring

  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Website: https://www.flowmon.com/en

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