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End-to-end monitoring platform for smart industries

End-to-end monitoring platform for smart industries

KYBIO is a powerful monitoring and operation support software which gives industrials the power to capture and mine data from their connected machines and devices. 

Our infrastructure monitoring solution enables leading industrials to oversee the real-time status and performance of their smart devices, buildings, and ecosystems. Highly scalable and built with a unique combination of modules, it enables the end-to-endmanagement of entire technical environments regardless of their size or complexity.
KYBIO provides alarms, notifications and reports to the appropriate team members and facilitates the detection, follow-up and resolution of incidents. 
Its simple and modern user interface enables data-driven decisions and proactive actions to secure maximal equipment performance.
Leveraging its powerful auto-discovery feature and its self-configuration engine coupled with a large library of built-in drivers, KYBIO is the fastest infrastructure monitoring solution to deploy.

Proactive Maintenance

  • Events and incidents tracking
  • Helps with root-cause analysis
  • Time-based correllation and advanced reporting
  • Enhances equipment uptime

Boost Performance

  • Unifies the management and monitoring of your end-to-end operations
  • Real-time alarms & notifications for immediate response
  • Mobile for on-the-field team efficiency

Scale & Agility

  • Scales from 25 to thousands of devices and machines
  • API, enabling plug-in to any third-party or in-house solution
  • Works with various communication protocols
  • Grid architecture powered by EdgeBots

Protects Your Business

  • Optimizes device and machine usage
  • Insight driven decision making
  • Improves total cost of ownership of your equipment

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Danny Bol Danny Bol
Please contact Danny with any questions or business opportunities relating to the Broadcast Industry. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Dutch market. Contact form
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Jos Jorissen Jos Jorissen
Please contact Jos with any questions or business opportunities relating to Heynen. Jos loves to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Contact form
+32 (0)475 44 55 66

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