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Flatpack S Wallbox

Flatpack S Wallbox

Compact Wall Mounted Power Supply System
The Flatpack S Wallbox is built around our Flatpack S rectifier and its compact and simple installation makes it a powerful wall-mounted DC power supply package.
It´s mechanical design and electrical connections is fully compatible with our previous SMPS 700 system, for retrofit off older systems.
Comprehensive monitoring, LVBD, load and battery fuses are included as standard parts, with options for AC input filter assures compliance with DnV rules for marin applications.

The modular architecture, efficiency, compact design and comprehensive monitoring and control features provide significant benefits over the current industry standard. The Flatpack S rectifiers have intelligent selfprotective features like reduced output power at high temperatures or low mains. The optional Flatpack S 24/1000 SIL3 OVP is targeted Safety and Automation Systems (SAS) where SIL rated overvoltage protection is required.

Flatpacks Wallbox
The Flatpack S Wallbox Marine is a complete, ready to install system. All cable entries and terminals are located at the bottom of the system for easy access and connectivity. The design allows cables to be routed behind the Wallbox. AC input and signaling cables are connected to terminal blocks while DC output is connected directly on the MCB.

Parts included

  • Two position power rack for Flatpack S rectifiers
  • AC input filters
  • Smartpack S controller
  • Two pole Load and Battery breakers
  • LVBD (Low Voltage Battery Disconnection)
  • Battery shunt

Rectifier Flatpack S


  • Voltage range 85-305 VAC /300 VDC
  • Frequency 0-66 Hz
  • Maximum current 5,9Arms Power factor 0,99, 50-100% load


  • Nominal voltage 24 VDC
  • Maximum current 41,7 A
  • Maximum power 1000 W
  • Output protection Blocking OR-ing FET or Diode


  • Efficiency >93 %

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