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Efficiently and easily test fuel cells

Efficiently and easily test fuel cells

Precise testing and flexible simulations
Accurate, fast and cost-effective, our regenerative loads have a full range of features to test fuel cell resistance as well as fuel cell performance and lifetime. Our bidirectional laboratory power supplies are also capable of simulating the characteristics of different fuel cells at the touch of a button for greater flexibility and low operating costs. With the versatile capabilities offered by our solutions, you can use EA devices to test and simulate fuel cells for all common applications, such as in industrial trucks, delivery vehicles, long-distance trucks and as emergency power generators. This is even more important as the fuel cell market is currently experiencing a 30% growth rate due to government initiatives, economic incentives and new applications.


  • Simple to use, because the arbitrary waveform function generator is already built in
  • Cost-effective, because autoranging and other features optimize the test sequence
  • Sustainable, because regenerative power supply reduces heat generation and energy consumption

You want to test the resistance, performance and lifetime of a fuel cell quickly and cost-efficiently? With 30kW input power, our EA-ELR 10000 series of regenerative loads are ideal for fuel cell testing. When connected in parallel, they reach up to 1.92MW for mass testing. Features such as the built-in arbitrary waveform generator and function generator as well as true autoranging also give you maximum flexibility in testing. Moreover, thanks to the regenerative mode of operation, no energy is lost and can be fed back into the mains with greater than 96% efficiency. This not only saves power, but also eliminates the need for costly operation of additional cooling systems.

Also suitable for fuel cell testing is our EA-PSB 10000 bidirectional power supply, which also achieves 30kW and has the same features.

  • Built-in arbitrary waveform/function generator
  • Full power capacity over a wide range of fuel cell operating tests
  • 30kW loads for testing high power fuel cell stacks
  • Parallel connection of up to 64 units
  • Plug-and-play, no coding and control software Power Control

If you want to determine the performance of various fuel cells and their characteristics as easily, quickly and cost-effectively as possible, our EA-PSB 10000 bidirectional power supply is ideal for you. The units allow accurate simulation of numerous fuel cells and their specific characteristics. With 30kW power, which can be increased to 1.92MW when connected in parallel, it is also possible to simulate particularly powerful or multiple fuel cells simultaneously.

As a bidirectional solution, the EA-PSB also operates as a load and can thus also be used for testing fuel cells. Thanks to grid regeneration, the absorbed energy can be fed back into the grid with over 96% efficiency.

  • Fuel cell at the push of a button thanks to simulation
  • Simulation covers a wide range of fuel cells
  • Devices allow simulation and testing
  • 30kW power, up to 1.92MW in parallel connection
  • Plug-and-play, no coding and power control software

Application solution
Fuel Cell Stack Performance Test
Simulation of different VI characteristic
Polarization and power density curves of fuel cell stack is a common indication for the cell performance. These curves is usually assessed under the optimal operating conditions (temperature, humidity, electrocatalysis and ion-exchange membrane) of a fuel cell stack.

These measurements can be obtained easily by programming DC electronic load in different current or resistance profiles. EA Elektro-Automatik electronic load series, ELR 9000 3U / 9000 HP / 10000 4U, offers a wide variety of dynamic loading testing for fuel cell characterization.

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