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The new Flatpack2 SHE rectifier

The new Flatpack2 SHE rectifier

A cooler contribution
With efficiency in the “super high” region, the Flatpack2 SHE is the coolest conversion module ever – reducing wasted energy and heat by 50%. The savings effect and impact– in terms of reduced energy usage, environmental footprint and and OPEX – depends on the number of modules replaced, their age and performance – and for new systems – the efficiency and reliability of alternative options. – Aside from the attractive economics, we see our customers focus more and more on the environmental effects.

The sense of urgency is growing, and reliable, super-efficient power conversion is an important contribution when everything is added up. It is also a strong motivation for us at Eltek to continue pushing the barriers through innovation, says Colin Howe, President and CEO of Eltek.

The new Flatpack2 SHE rectifier has taken conversion efficiency one step further, into the 98% range, thereby reducing waste by 50% again. And this with no compromise whatsoever when it comes to quality and reliability. The SHE module is both cooler and greener than its predecessors – contributing to reduced cost of ownership, and a reduced environmental footprint in existing and new installations.

Proud heritage
The Flatpack2 HE and its high efficiency technology was a revolution in power conversion when it was first released in 2008. Featuring 96.5 % efficiency, the Flatpack2 HE has since defined the industry standard when it comes to quality and conversion efficiency. With some 2.7 million units in the field, the Flatpack2 HE has saved an estimated reduction in operating cost of some 835 million USD, and more than 5 million tons of CO2.

Innovation at work
The Flatpack2 SHE is a natural evolution of the Flatpack2 HE, built on a technology that has been proven and tested over time. But it is also the result of innovative new solutions. In a joint development project with Infineon, a leading component supplier, a new type of GaN power transistors has been developed, tested and extensively verified. This CoolGaN™ technology helps increasing efficiency from high to super high, without driving cost through the roof. And, of course, without any compromise when it comes to the reliability or quality that Flatpack2 owners have become accustomed to.

Main Advantages

  • Save Costs on energy
  • Green enviroment
  • Module

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