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Portable Power Supply - Emergency Unit 24V - 28V - 60V // 2kW - 12kW

Portable Power Supply - Emergency Unit 24V - 28V - 60V // 2kW - 12kW

The Portable Power Supply (PPS) is Compact, Robust,and Easy to handle!!!

The PPS is designed to be used in situations with main DC power failure, system replacement, battery replacement or maintenance. Its easy handling, durability and many configuration options should make this unit a must have to all service staff in each Power Industry and service companies!!!

General Description
The PPS is configurable with up to four Flatpack2 24,48,60V modules and one Smartpack controller. All housed in a hardcase with removable lids in back and front for maximum protection during transport. Behind the lids you will find connections, modules, MCB and controller. Individual AC input feed and one protrected DC output provides multiple connection options.

Power distributers Telecom Service companies * Maintenance * Replacing baateries * Failure on DC power

Technical specs

  • Input: 85-300VAC
  • Output: 24,48,60VDC - Pmax = 8kW FP2 2kW 48VDC - Pmax. = 12kW FP2 3kW Current Imax. = 250A
  • Dimensions: 530x140x510mm
  • Weight: 12kg.

Main Advantages

  • Easy to Handle
  • Robust
  • Output power from 2 to 12kW
  • Extension Card Alarm
  • Individual AC input feed
  • 1 negative DC output protected by 150A MCB

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Our expert(s):

Alan van Dongen Alan van Dongen
Please contact Alan with any questions or business opportunities relating to the Powerconversion and UPS units of Heynen. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Dutch market. Contact form alan.vandongen@heynen.nl
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