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When do I have to use type-B residual current protection in my installation?

When do I have to use type-B residual current protection in my installation?

We would like to inform you about current regulations and all the key aspects that you need to take into account for the correct selection of the type of residual current device to be installed. The evolution of electronics in electrical installations means that we need to know what type of residual current device protection is ideal for each type of load, in order to correctly protect both people and the installation itself.
This is why we present our new type B residual current protection family, which is the required protection when there may be a leakage of alternating, pulsating or direct current. Find out why you should use type-B residual current protection devices and what benefits they bring to your installation.

Protect your installation the right way
Avoid risks by selecting the right protection for each type of load

Type-A and AC residual current protection devices do not detect DC residual currents and can trip spuriously or lock up, jeopardizing service continuity and putting the installation and/or personnel at serious risk

The protection required by the manufacturers themselves
Manufacturers of devices with power electronics, including variable-speed drives, UPS, EV charging points, etc., require type-B residual current devices to be installed to ensure their loads are properly protected.


Discover all the benefits of type-B residual current protection and when it has to be installed.

Technology to serve users
On RGU-100B and CBS-400B devices, the screen changes to red when a trip occurs, storing the total leakage value. This value is broken down to show both the AC and DC component of the leak. This features offers relevant information to let the user pinpoint the exact location of the leak.



Type-B residual current protection solutions
Guarantee the maximum service continuity of your installation and provide complete protection to people and property by installing type-B residual current protection.

Indirect connection devices


Type-B residual current protection and monitoring relay



Type-B monitoring and protection relay with 4 channels



Residual current protection and monitoring electronic relay


Devices with built-in transformer


Class-B RCCB, instantaneous 30 and 300 mA



Transformer with built-in class-B residual current relay


+ automatic reclosing RECB

Self-reclosing type-B RCCB


What are the advantages of WGB transformers?
Connecting the WGB earth leakage transformers to the (RGU-100B or CBS-400B) relay is Plug & Play: it's a quick and easy process that uses an RJ-45 connector. No need for additional power or cabling. Additionally, the transformers have an accessory for convenient installation on a DIN rail.


Where should type-B protection be installed?


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