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19" Plug-in DC power supplies


The modules of series EA-PS 800  19" are available as single, dual or tripple output power supplies.

By combining the syncronised rectifier and semi-resonant converter principle, an effiency up to 92% is achieved, making them highly efficient and extremely reliable.

A selection of output voltages between 3.5V, 5V, 12-15V and 24V at power levels of 80W, 150W and 240W are available. All outputs Main and Auxillary, are provided with a static current limit and a power limit circuit and are stabilised independently, making them truly ZERO-LOAD compatible, fully short circuit and overload-proof. All output voltages can be trimmed within a specific range by potentiometers located in the front panel, and are visualised via LEDs. The integrated OVP protects the equipment from DC overvoltage damage.

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Alan van Dongen Alan van Dongen
Please contact Alan with any questions or business opportunities relating to the Powerconversion and UPS units of Heynen. We love to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Dutch market. Contact form alan.vandongen@heynen.nl
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