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MYeBOX, a portable logging unit for long term power measurements on-site

MYeBOX, a portable logging unit for long term power measurements on-site

Designed for measurement and electrical parameters recording, MYeBOX® incorporates the latest technology in portable measurement. This new analyzer incorporates wireless connections for full remote control. The latest wireless technologies applied to the robustness of CIRCUTOR’s measuring devices.

With MYeBOX® Cloud you will have wireless access to remote devices. You will can configure and download data remotely, without moving anywhere.

The App also allows:

  • Real-time measurements visualization.
  • Email Alarm  
  • Start and stop recording data.
  • Stored data visualization.
  • Send the data stored to MYeBOX
  • Cloud Generate STD files, compatible with PowerVision Plus.
  • Share STD files

Wi-Fi / 3G allows to connect with MYeBOX® from anywhere. You can configure, download the data recorded, send data to MYeBOX® Cloud and share them, receive alarm messages by mobile application without wires. You choose when and from where you do it.


The MYeBOX® has two storage systems: One is the analyzer's internal memory, which allows the recording of a large amount of data and MYeBOX® Cloud where you can send the data registered, read it any time or share it with the group of work.

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Jaap Phaff Jaap Phaff
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Jos Jorissen Jos Jorissen
Please contact Jos with any questions or business opportunities relating to Heynen. Jos loves to be involved in developing new solutions and bringing these to the Belgian and Luxembourg market. Contact form jos.jorissen@heynen.com
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