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Combined mini-chargertester

Combined mini-chargertester

The combined Mini-Charger-Tester simulates vehicle signals of the charging standards DC-CCS and CHAdeMO, virtually two vehicles in an ultraportable suitcase.

The ideal solution for vehicle- and chargingsystem manufacturers.

The number of chargers in the field increases and therefore also the efforts in the service applications. After each service of chargers, a final test is required to confirm the charger is still working properly and to ensure that nothing has been forgotten at the service call or maintenance. To test this, either one or two real EVs are required or a small mobile automatic tester such as the comemso combined Mini-Charger-Tester. The benefit of a small mobile tester even increases on a service for multicharger-systems, where CCS and CHAdeMO have to be tested at the same service call or maintenance. 

This small power package can be used at the service application and maintenance.

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