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Quick delivery of a flexible modular connection for Compact PCI

Quick delivery of a flexible modular connection for Compact PCI

Customers have a strong need for back-plane wiring which provides them flexibiliy, speed and reliability. Solutions are available for IEC 60603-2, IEC60917, VME/Compact PCI, Open VPX/VITA-46. There are standard modules available with MIL Spec hook-up wires, Parallel paired cables, 50 and 100 Ohm coax and a choice of training end terminations. You have a choice of popular wire types, length's en pin-outs. ALl sub-modules are 100% electrically tested. Ready to crete your custom interface cable.

Module selection
For your connector you can select 3 types of wafers: 1x8 + 2 1x5 + 2 1x5 + 2 Right Angle As an example you can e.g. select a 5 contact + 2 Shield connections wafer. You can stack a maximum of 25 wafers of this type, giving you a 125 signal connector. Secondly you can selec the cable you would like to use Coax, Twin-ax, Hookup, LSZH which gives you the possibility to go for speed or power. The termination on the second side can be selected from all Popular connectors. To give you an idea you can create a 19 stack 1x5 with Quad-ax & cat5e wire to RJ45 & 38999 connectors

2.0 Module Customization
You can connect the connector to all Popular Connectors, with your selection of cable, you can choose the sleeving and shielding of your assembly. If needed you can use a straight or right angle type of connector and add Ferrite beads. You can connect your connector to RJ45, USB, Bayonet Circular and Ring terminals. This gives you the ultimate connectionflexibility in your systems

Lead times
Since you have a wide selection of modules availlabl of the shelf you can build your connection immediately off the shelf or with a lead time of 1-2 weeks (Europe). You can request build the connector yourself or ask for a custom build solution based on your spec. This gives you the flexibility to have a solution even for small MOQ's and comple cables

Main Advantages

  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Short lead time
  • Reliable

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