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Mentor 7-segment display

Mentor 7-segment display

MENTOR applies for patent for 7-segment display with infinitely variable height

7-segment displays are classic indicating elements that interact in combination with man-machine interfaces such as keyboards, for example. These new 7-segment displays from MENTOR compensate mechanical height differences to printed circuit boards during SMD assembly with their variable height. MENTOR will be presenting this novelty for the first time at electronica 2012 in Munich.

Conventional 7-segment displays still compensate these height differences either via DIL sockets or sophisticated sandwich printed circuit boards. The 7-segment displays from MENTOR resolve this problem with variable heights between 4.5 mm and maximum 23.5 mm and can be produced to meet individual customer requirements using tool change inserts. These custom-made 7-segment displays can be tailored to suit diverse design requirements and thus offer a significant advantage in the assembly process compared to standard solutions.

Individuality through modular design
Conventional 7-segment displays have permanently integrated LEDs offering little scope for individual design. The new 7-segment display from MENTOR offers a choice of SMD LEDs to suit specific applications: in addition to a choice of colours, Duo and RGB LEDs can also be used on printed circuit boards including low-current SMD LEDs. A further advantage: the modular design of this display allows individual component replacement in the event of a faulty LED – conventional segment displays must be replaced as complete units.

Technical design
The 7-segment display is produced in a two-component injection moulding process with an opaque multi-chamber body and light guides as the segment display in three standard digit sizes of 7.62 mm, 10.16 mm and 14.2 mm. The displays are attached to the printed circuit board via two fixing pins on the underside of the housing.

In addition to individually variable heights, MENTOR also offers 7-segment displays in two standard heights of 9.7 mm and 12.5 mm.

Advantages of the 7-segements:

  • variable- and standard heights of 9,7mm and 12,5mm
  • the modular design allows individual component replacement in the event of faulty led on the PCB
  • Leds atre not integrated
  • each segment can be driven by different kind of coloured leds

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