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MENTOR M-Fibre: Side Light Fibre System

MENTOR M-Fibre: Side Light Fibre System
You may not realize it, but light plays a very important role in the customer experience. It is possible to transmit a certain feel to your product by suttely adding some ambient lighting or highlight an important feature by sourrounding it with light.
Mentor transforms ideas about light into solutions. Now they have recently updated their product portfolio with an unique, side light fibre system that will make integrating light into your application a little 'lighter'.
What is M-Fibre?
M-Fibre provides thin, flexible and homogeneous lighting over great lenghts.  The system actually consists of 2 main pieces:
High-performance LED
The thought behind these compact LED-modules is to save space for easy application/installation. They only carry one LED (white, monochrome or RGB). There are separate versions for different brightness levels.  This together with the special driver adapted for soft dimming behavior makes sure the system is protected against short circuits and getting overheated.
Light Fibres
The side-light fibres are made up out of four individual fibres, which are encapsuled by a diffuse sheath. At the beginner there is an aluminium ferrule to attach them to the LED module. It is also possible to purchase this ferrule separately and use your own LEDs.
The surfaces of the four polyoptical individual fibres undergo an abrasive process in production to activate them in such a way that a homogeneous light emission with a beam angle of 360° is produced. This enables a constant brightness without unwanted spot formation even if you have a tight radius. The activation process can even be tailored to activate only certain parts of the fibre or to create a multicolor application (as shown on the picture).
Applications for any scenario 
There are countless applications for M-Fibre thanks to its versitility. You can think of cars, (heavy duty) machinery and equipment,  household appliances, furniture, kitchens and other interior design.
Some of the newer applications include wearables, smart clothing and even safety vests. Thanks to the spatial separation of the light source and the light output M-Fibre is also suitable for under water use, explosion protection or even the food  & beverage industry. 
Get inspired and have a look at the pictures below for more ideas.  Let us know where you want to apply M-Fibre.

Customised solutions 
The majority of the M-Fibre portfolio is readily available from the factory (in small quantities).

This is complemented by the possibility to customize your M-Fibre in terms of the number of individual fibres, the diameter, material as well as colour of the sheath are variable. 

What are the benefits?
  • Outstanding light quality -  360 degree homogeneous lighting without spot forming or color deviations.
  • Flexible - Easily applicable in every situation thanks to bending radius of Rmin = 20 mm.
  • Easy installation / service -  Modular system that is applicable in tight spaces .
  • Readily available - Standard components have a short lead time.
  • Space optimization - need for only one small high-performance LED-module.
  • Customizable - Your imagination is the limit.

Still thinking of LED-strips? Read our post on 'M-Fibre vs. LED strips'.

Heynen and Mentor are partners for over more than 4 decades and our team of local experts is ready to give you a demo of this revolutionary system in light design. If you would like to have some more information, samples or interested in the price then just click one of the buttons below and we will get back to you shortly.

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