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SteeRED technology

SteeRED technology

steeRED Technology founded by experienced industry professionals is an interconnection (sub-)system development and supply company.  

Interconnection Concept development and product design are the key factors for innovation and leadership in interconnection segment but also flexibility in the supply chain combined with tailored logistic solutions are key to remain competitive. Customers need to find a way to balance decreasing time-to-market, increasing customer requirements with flexible supply chain needs.

steeRED Technology can offer you help you with services during you product development:

  • BOM review
  • Life cycle management
  • Product development including testing and industrialization
  • Strategic purchasing and sourcing  
  • Supplier's Speciality:
    • Ruggedized Connectors
    • Compact PCI Connections
    • Miniature RFransformers, Antennas, Coils, Hermetic Connector Products

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Website: http://www.steeredtechnology.com

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