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Iskra Energy meter WM3M4 & WM3M4C

Iskra Energy meter WM3M4 & WM3M4C

We are extremely excited to announce that Iskra smart energy meters WM3M4C have successfully adhered to the latest German Eichrecht standard and received the Module B certification.

On the track to meet the highest energy metering standards as well as transparency and data security for EVs, Iskra has successfully secured the prestigious Eichrecht compliance certification both for our hardware and software.

Eichrecht is a German standard requiring that all components involved in the collection and processing of energy operate in a trustworthy and transparent way. 

This standard is set to become widespread across the world as its aim is to ensure transparent measurement and billing of energy dispensed from EV charging stations to electric cars offering consumers total visibility on the amount of energy they are paying for.

The WM3M4 & WM3M4C energy meters are MID certified meters, intended for energy measurements in the three-phase and single-phase electrical charger stations.


The WM3M4C energy meter features high-temperature operation and digital signing for a charging event, whereas WM3M4 features only high-temperature operation. Smart Energy Meters WM3M4C are now fully compliant with the German Eichrecht standard. After receiving The Module B certification in 2021, we have now successfully completed the assessment according to Annex 4 of Module D of the Measures and Verification Ordinance!


Both meters measure energy directly and bidirectional in 4 or 2-wire networks according to the principle of fast sampling of voltage and current signals.


A built-in microprocessor calculates power, energy, current, voltage, power factor, power angle, frequency, harmonics of THD voltage and THD current harmonics. WM3M4C meter can detect and log events relevant for charging via RS485 communication. Thus the meter can produce relevant digital signature for charging event.


  • Single-phase and three-phase direct connected DIN-rail mounting meter
  • MID approval for class B according to EN 50470-3
  • Bidirectional energy measurement (import/export)
  • Maximum current 40 A (Imax)
  • Basic current 5 A (Ib)
  • Operation temperature from -25°C to +70°C
  • QR code for public key
  • 230 V rated system voltage input (Un)
  • Reference frequencies 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Custom LCD display with 8 digits
  • LED constant 1000 imp/kWh
  • RS485 MODBUS communication
  • IR serial communication
  • Support OCMF communication protocol
  • Backlight for better visibility – remote settable
  • Settable LCD view
  • Measurements of:
    • energy
    • power
    • voltage
    • current
    • frequency
    • power factor
    • power angle
    • THD of voltage
    • THD of current
  • Charge control information
    • status of charging station
    • duration of charging
    • consumption
    • time stamps
  • Sealable terminal cover
  • 3 DIN module width
  • User-friendly PC MiQen software


  • WM3M4 - features only high temperature operation
  • WM3M4C - energy meter features high temperature operation and digital signing for a charging event

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